LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Killing swan, hurting children

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

My son is a member of the fifth grade class at Newell-Fonda who spent MONTHS saving pennies and raising money to adopt the swans. The students were so excited about this project. It was fun, very rewarding and for an excellent cause.

These kids worked long and hard to raise the money to adopt the swans. Can you imagine what pain these kids are feeling due to this senseless act of violence?

These three people decide to harm an innocent, friendly, endangered animal. And for what? What thrill did these three get from beating this poor creature to death? Are there mental issues involved here? I want these three "gentlemen" to read this, and realize the hurt they have caused, not only to the poor swan and its mate, but to the kids who saved money to adopt it and the citizens of the area who enjoyed watching these swans grow and live in our area.

God tells us to forgive; but how does a person forgive a senseless act of violence such as this one? I admit I am very bitter towards these three people and I will find it very difficult to find any forgiveness in my heart. I can only hope that they feel some sort of remorse and understand that they will have to live with what they have done for the rest of their lives.

Sandy Robinson