Readers Respond

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

A Spanish edition of the Pilot

To the editor:

The community of Storm Lake is great. It has a combination of ethnic groups that make it even greater. The Pilot Tribune is a great news reference. It informs the community of its coming events and latest news. It is Iowa's Award Winning Community newspaper. The community is informed with the news that this newspaper provides. They take advantage of the business sales and community events that the paper announces.

Most Hispanics have a disadvantage. They are unable to use the Pilot Tribune as a source of reference. So what do we do? Make effective a proposal to inform our Hispanics about the community's happenings. The Pilot Tribune could consider making one page out of the newspaper with the most important news, community events and it could in Spanish.

Who would pay for the extra page in the newspaper? Well, local businesses could contribute to the extra page if their ads are posted. Another solution would be to raise the price of the newspaper. Of course, not everyone would want to pay more if they did not need the Spanish section; therefore, only a certain amount of these issues would be printed...

Sara, the manager at Exact Eye Care, agrees the business could benefit if her ad would be printed in Spanish. A sales associate at Graham Tire said, "If the ads were to be printed in Spanish in the Pilot Tribune, I know that nothing bad could come out of it, maybe a benefit for the business." Therefore, local businesses agree that this proposal could benefit them too. The community's events like the Buena Vista County Fair could have benefited too. The Pilot Tribune printed a schedule of events for the fair. No one had an excuse to miss out of any event. I wonder if it had been printed in Spanish as well if the outcomes of the Fair would have been greater?

I know that the Hispanic community would buy the newspaper because their desire to be part of the community is huge. The Pilot Tribune already contributes excellent news to our community. Think of how it would be if it reached every community member.

- Sara P. Montes, Storm Lake

100 years of ISU Extension

To the editor:

ISU Extension in Buena Vista County has long relied on the partnership it has shared with community, organizations, businesses, schools and government. On November 14-20, another valuable partnership will be celebrated, a partnership that has been in existence for over 100 years, our partnership with Iowa State University Extension.

November 14-20 is Extension Week across the state of Iowa. Last year ISU Extension celebrated its 100th year of serving the citizens of this community and the citizens of Iowa. Extension has provided our community with valuable research based information, the expertise of Extension specialists and staff, and the statewide resources of Iowa State University. Our partnership with Extension has been long and lucrative...

On November 14-20, one hundred county extension offices across that state of Iowa will celebrate Extension Week, a week dedicated to the recognition and appreciation of Extension partnerships with local organizations, educational institutions, businesses and local governments.

Extension programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Industry, Communities, Families, 4-H Youth Development and Continuing Education would not be possible or nearly as effective without these valuable partnerships within our community. Programs like Safety Day Camp, the Iowa Corn Train, Ag-Citing, Private Pesticide Applicators Training, Family Nutrition Program, Dining with Diabetes, Community Voices, Master Gardeners, Girl Talk, Latino Health Fair, Strengthening Families, Boomerang, Youth and Fire Emergency Services are only as successful as the partnerships they incorporate within our community.

Please join us in thanking all the volunteers and partnerships that have made Iowa State University Extension a vital part of the growth and success of our country and our state.

- Rhonda K. Christensen, County Extension

Education Director, Buena Vista County

Reasonable border protection

An open letter to the president:

I write this as a loyal Republican who worked hard for your reelection in spite of my concerns about the huge invasion of illegals crossing over our southern border every day. I write as a Christian, Army Veteran, retired attorney, grandparent etc. in a small Iowa city which is increasingly populated by migrants from Mexico, SE Asia, other Latin American countries and now Sudanese refugees (for whom I feel great sympathy after their persecution in Sudan's genocide against Christians) over 60% and rising.

Mr. President, I have great sympathy for the other immigrants fleeing poverty etc. I just read another story about plans to eliminate our borders with Canada and Mexico to expand NAFTA. That sounds like another really bad idea that will exacerbate the problem described above.

We love our country, we favor reasonable numbers of immigrants and new citizens (who genuinely want to become Americans with all of the responsibilities and privileges.) I look forward to your answer and responsible steps to protect our country in all appropriate ways including to close our borders except for legal entries and which will block terrorists and other illegal immigrants.

Please protect our country from further encroachments on our sovereignty. God has richly blessed the United States of America. Please protect us from unwise plans.

- Byron M. Crippin, Storm Lake