Certified Pastoral Class to be held

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ecumenical Institute of Northwest Iowa is now accepting applications for its Certified Pastoral Education (CPE) class starting January 2005. The class is open to clergy and lay people who want to significantly improve their pastoral care-giving skills, effectiveness and ministry.

The unit will meet throughout the spring and fall, typically in one four to six hour block of time per week. As a "practicum" experience some level of active pastoral care ministry is required. The exact meeting times and location will be mutually determined by the students and the instructor. As a community-based program, the class typically meets at the ministry locations of the students.

Many pastors have revitalized through Ecumenical Institute's CPE experience. Lay people have used CPE to enhance their effectiveness in Stephens or BeFriender Ministries as well as social service agencies. Two recent graduates, Rev. Jack Barber and Rev. Barry Thongvanh, now serve as part-time chaplains at the Tyson Food Plant in Storm Lake.

Over a 30 year period, more than 400 pastors and lay people have taken classes through Ecumenical Institute and its predecessor, the CPE program at Cherokee Mental Health Institute.

The Institute will be hosting an information evening on November 30 from 7 to 9 p.m. The meeting place for this event will also be determined by the location of prospective applicants. For more information, application materials and updates, contact Karen Borchers, at caregivingnow@yahoo.com or 712-368-2500.

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