Readers Respond

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

For all those who care


I am addressing this to the Pilot Tribune in hopes that some very special people I've met along the way notice this letter. First of all, my name is Michele Linn. I'm from Cherokee, "yes", not Storm Lake. I shop in Storm Lake, I doctor in Storm Lake, I'm just not living there.

Any way, I've coordinated some fundraisers in the Cherokee/Storm Lake area the last couple years, like anything in life, there's people who care, and people who don't.

Twenty-eight year old Carrie Lamm has cancer again, lost her mother from cancer, siblings, and I gave her daughter, age 4 at the time, a benefit fundraiser two years ago.

Now, when I went to Storm Lake businesses and they saw the word Cherokee on the banners to hang up, or ask for an item to donate from their business, it was an instant 'no thanks'.

Except for a few exceptionally wonderful people. Want to know who? Hamilton Law Firm.

Believe me, everyone's hearts in that office are bigger than some of you who shut the door in my face. And Lary at "Lary's Tap" thank you for your help. Georgia Evans always told me what an awesome guy you are; obviously, a simple phone call to you, and you were ready to help....

And last, but not least, Buena Vista University - the staff in admissions, everyone there that I spoke with. Thank you. It's almost ironic now at the end of my letter Storm Lake now finds out that Carri Lamm, cancer patient, mother of a child with cancer, is also a BVU student. Actually, because of her health she had to stop, she's so close to becoming a teacher, just like Georgia who was able to be. I truly think I needed to voice my opinion only. Who cares where you're from? I think God places judgment, not people... or isn't that the way it's suppose to be?

Well anyway, thank you to all who helped, whether you purchased a raffle ticket or gave a donation. "Caring for Carrie" was a success, but I've seen better.

So, I truly hope the next time I gather a special group of people together to coordinate a benefit, please think about this. I didn't ask for money, all I wanted was a donation of something to raffle or auction from your business, and if you gave a donation, or several (like Hamilton Law Firm) did, thank you, and the idea of selling raffle tickets was so possibly you could win something back. There's so many different ways to give. I think all need to sit back and think about it. It's simple.

And I'll promise you all this now, if anyone is affiliated with misery of this type, in your area, let me know, I'm only a phone call away.

- Michele Linn, Cherokee