One Man's View

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Gangs are so 10 minutes ago

So now it appears necessary to have workshops in how to stop our kids in Storm Lake from joining gangs.

That's about as sad as the ugly incident in the community that causes such a reaction.

C'mon, a street rumble with bricks, pipes and baseball bats - I thought that kind of stuff went out with "West Side Story."

This is a new millennium. You don't have to chuck bricks at each other. You can hack into their web sites and Photoshop them into ladies undergarments.

Thankfully, the kids we are targeting in our workshop were not the people who were involved in this incident. All of these 30 or so people should have been more than old enough to know better. I'd like to think that our kids are smarter than that.

The whole gang thing seems pretty worn out anyway. I think the "drive-by" was the beginning of the end of that. Only in America could we be so lazy that even shooting has to be done drive-up-window style.

Let's hope that Storm Lake's incident was just one of those strange things that busts out, and that it blows over without anyone else having to get hurt for the sake of image, or street cred, or whatever it is that causes such testosteronefests.

It's not a bad idea to have a workshop on behalf of the kids, but again, this was an adult crime, and though there is no racial issue, it did involve largely only one particular ethnic group, a small number in a big, diverse socio-fishbowl.

Save the bricks, guys, and your heads. We have stuff to build in this town.

What a fuss about a shortage of flu vaccine! Most of the people doing the complaining never even thought of getting a shot until they found out that

this year, they couldn't. It's like telling a child that there will be no candy bought at this week's trip to the grocery store - it's a sure way to make them think they need it something fierce.

People who are in good health with low risk and little need for a flu shot, in a year when there is no particular flu scare, are said to be flocking across the border to the north to get shots, at a considerable cost. For years we've been steadfastly ignoring the government's every campaign to get us to want flu shots. They finally found a way - by not letting us have it. Fiendishly clever. We don't want shots, heck; but we're denied, and that makes us crazy.

No worries. These's enough for those of us who really need it (and our brave Congressmen, for whom policy does not seem to apply). The rest of us will sniff and cough our way through. Send an envelope of your germs to Capitol Hill.

Besides, we've just been handed a perfect excuse to be able to use to skip out of work some Friday this winter. Rejoice.

* Walked into a downtown store Wednesday, to the tune of a Christmas carol on the speakers. In October? Eeep!

* I hate to see Baker's Court go. We'll miss the food, but we'll miss the people more.