Readers Respond

Monday, November 1, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

How did America get to this point on abortion issue?

To the editor:

The sobering Letter to the Editor submitted by Bo Brink concerning partial-birth abortion prompts me to ask an equally sobering question: How did our great nation get to this point? We slaughter our unborn children and call it a "right". We butcher our babies and call it a giant step forward for women. What has happened to us?

Moral and religious issues aside, consider partial-birth abortion under the principles of reasonable logic. What would happen if, during the partial-birth abortion procedure, the baby's head slipped out of the birth canal? Would the abortionist still slide his/her scissors into the back of the baby's head and suck out the brains? Of course not! This would be considered murder. How can the mere location of the baby's head determine whether or not he is a citizen deserving the Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is the baby anymore alive with her head outside the birth canal than inside? What has physically changed in the condition of this child, other than her physical location! Where is the logic in that?!

Bringing this logic to its "logical" conclusion, being allowed to kill a baby based on the location of his head is tantamount to being allowed to kill my newborn child because he is sitting in the living room instead of in the dining room!

... How did the land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness degenerate into the land of death - rife with the right to kill, and the pursuit of self? And we have national leaders who actually support and encourage this? Lord, have mercy on us all!

- Steve Schulz, Storm Lake

The party has changed

To the editor:

By reading your recent letters to the editor about the upcoming Presidential election one might think that only Republicans live in this community. Not so!

Though I am now a Democrat, I was raised in a nearby town in a Reagan-Republican family. My parents, may they rest in peace, would not recognize their party now. In their day it was a party of fiscal responsibility. Growing up I was taught to apply common sense to managing money. Income is supposed to equal or exceed expenses. George Bush wants permanent tax cuts even though we have no way of knowing the long-term costs of occupying and helping Iraq. There is nothing conservative about cutting taxes while taking our country into war. This makes no sense to me.

Bush is banking on us to be too afraid to change Presidents when we're in a war. I have more faith in our democracy than that...

And Mom and Dad, wherever you are, I'm betting you agree.

- Carol Lytle, Storm Lake

Supporting sales tax vote

To the editor:

If we are taking some of the information that is on the internet, daily news in print and on radio and TV as "facts", we are being greatly deceived. There are media sources giving a more objective view than the one-sided negative reporting of mainstream media.

Are our memories so short that we have forgotten what

happens when tyrants are left to their own devices? Had we not

stopped Japan and Germany, what kind of society would we be living in today?

In attempting to remain politically correct, the real enemy we are dealing with is not being acknowledged. These books - "Winning the War Against Radical Islam" by Dr. Robert A. Morey, who has a doctorate in Islamic Studies; "Behind the Veil - Unmasking Islam", by Abd El Schafi, formerly a Muslim; and "Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?" by Victor Mordecai, who lived 18+ years in Israel - give insight. These authors understand

the mindset of the people of that region; and Islam's goal of getting control of governments in the regions with oil reserves, and using this to bring the rest of the world to its knees.

This is not to say that all Muslims are bad, any more than were all Germans bad in W.W.I, or all Germans and Japanese bad in W.W.II. All it took was a certain element within to create the threat to freedom as we enjoy it.

Perhaps you have read some of the history of the First and Second Great Jihads. After 9/11 it would be a mistake to think that this enemy will do any less than fight until victorious or total defeated, no matter who we have for leadership. John Kerry, with his indecisiveness, does not seem a good choice.

Apathy and discord can only make the enemy bolder and victorious. The escalating violence in Iraq is more about our November election than their January election. Right now George W. Bush is the terrorists' worst enemy and making him look bad is their primary goal...

The war, as important as it is, is obscuring some issues of significant importance here at home. Where Bush and Kerry stand on moral issues is like day and night. Judicial selections they could make will affect moral and social issues far beyond their terms in office. Kerry's knowledge and beliefs on these issues are beyond scary. If we think things in this nation are difficult now - regarding civil unions, gay rights, ten commandments being displayed, hate crime legislation, abortion, second amendment rights, church and state issues, to name a few - consider the possibilities if Kerry is in office, especially if you place value on the practice of your Christian faith.

The best hope America has in our current situation is given in 2

Chronicles 7:14. God Bless America and President Bush.

- Roger Anderson, Storm Lake


George Bush is going around the swing states, claiming John Kerry is "confused" on the war on terror. At least John Kerry did not attack the wrong country.

- Lori Challinor, Roselle, IL