LETTER TO THE EDITOR - BV should act on swan killing

Thursday, January 25, 2001

These two swans trusted everyone. Anyone could get within five feet of the pair. This is not just a loss to the swan committee but a loss to all citizens of the area. The two swans spent a lot of time by Methodist Manor and Lake Pointe Villa. The residents had hours of enjoyment watching them. My personal opinion is that these swans had no intention of ever leaving the area and the community could have enjoyed years of observing them.

I find it disturbing that Buena Vista University had no comment on whether any action would be taken against the three students. I hope they just hadn't decided what action to take. If BVU does nothing, I can't help wonder what the university's loss would be if it took action. I know BVU cannot control the actions of its students, but it controls the consequence of their actions.

I'm sure the university can't be proud of that kind of students, and if just a minor hand slap is given, likely their future ghoulish acts will be worse.

Jane Meyer

Swan caretaker

Storm Lake