Readers Respond

Monday, October 18, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

Hope, not hate

To the editor:

Kerry wants to leave everything up to the United Nations, which for 12 years stood by as Saddam Hussein ignored its every resolution, and whose officials were engaged in the systematic corruption of the oil-for-food program, channeling funds into the pockets of Saddam's own relatives. This outrage has gone scarcely reported until recently, while Michael Moore makes allegations, pointing in contradictory directions, about the Bush family's business interests. The United Nations is an institution with a history for doing nothing. It cannot lead nations. It no longer carry's a message of hope. Are they the ones you want making the decisions to fight the war on terror?

The United Nation has no authority. Its effectiveness was clearly evident in Srebrecnia. Even today they sit idle as innocent people in the Sudan are butchered. As coalition forces and the Iraq people suffer causalities in the fight for freedom, the United Nation complains that we had no right to interfere in Iraq. I would rather lose my life in the pursuit of freedom then die as a victim of terrorism. I suggest the United Nation stop its whining and take some action to stop the genocide in the Sudan.

The liberals who listen to the likes of Michael Moore are united solely by a negative. The Bush haters have neither a plan nor a purpose. The Michael Moore films have no policy to offer. The noise of their self-righteous anger is merely a cover for the indifference bred of failure. The Republicans, on the other hand, have a strong message of hope. They have showed what can be done when work, not welfare, is expected of citizens. It's funny how all you hear is how high unemployment is under the present administration, yet I have known more people who lost their jobs during the Clinton administration.

What I like about the Republican Party is the diversity of its members. Look at Schwarzenegger, Giulani, Cheney and McCain. Just take a look at how different they all are and yet they all stand for hope rather than hate.

- Anna M. Richter, Rembrandt