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Kick and punch your way into a workout

Monday, August 30, 2004

Ready for a change in your workout? Why not try throwing some punches and extend your legs for a few kicks! The Fitness & Health Center offers a kickboxing class directed by Kari Schuelke on Monday and Friday afternoons from 12 to 12:45 p.m.

"Kickboxing is a good, overall total body workout, using both your upper and lower body," Schuelke said.

During a kickboxing workout a variety of moves are worked into combinations. These combinations are great for strengthening your legs, toning your arms and providing a cardiovascular workout.

The fundamentals of a good and successful kickboxing workout include proper technique and proper form. If done correctly, the torso is will be made into a solid base that will help with the workout as well as making everyday tasks easier.

The workout consists of a warm up, a short stretch period, the cardio workout using kickboxing moves, a cool-down and stretching. A variety of punches and kicks are used throughout the workout to work the upper and lower body individually and in combination.

Schuelke said that the kicks and punches can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity in order to meet individual needs. "I can show them how to modify the moves in a way that they are still effective if they do not want high intensity."

Sweats, shorts, t-shirts, and sports bras are common clothing for the workout. "Whatever a person is cool and comfortable in is the best choice," Schuelke said.

The kickboxing class offered by Schuelke allows a person to have the knowledge to execute certain moves if needed in a situation of defense. "If need be, the moves could be utilized, but we mainly focus on the cardio aspect of things."

Schuelke teaches a variety of classes at the Fitness and Health Center in addition to kickboxing including step aerobics, intervals, basic training and circuit training.

For more information about the kickboxing class, call the Fitness & Health Center at 732-7722. Punch cards or memberships are available.