PILOT EDITORIAL - Unlocking the school buildings

Monday, January 8, 2001

A decade ago, the Storm Lake school buildings opened at 8:20 or so, and got locked up again after the last bell around 3:20.

The schools were dark all weekend and over the holidays, and the doors were chained shut for the summer. The general community seldom had cause to enter a school, except maybe for a basketball game now and then.

Even as we have educated, we have learned.

We have come to realize that the investment we place in good school buildings pays more dividends when we use those buildings and resources more.

Community Education will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in Storm Lake this year, and it was the first breakthrough for a new era of schools. The agency works jointly with city and school district to serve the needs of both. One of its first achievements was "open gyms," letting families through those school doors outside typical school hours. Then it brought in senior citizens to take classes. Today, you may find elementary school kids learning to play basketball from high school coaches in the middle school gym on a Saturday morning.

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