BETWEEN THE LINES - On the gravel roads: So this is prosperity...

Monday, January 8, 2001

Out on the gravel roads, things haven't been quite so entertaining.

In the Pilot-Tribune during the month of Clinton's first election, a local restaurant was advertising breakfast for 99 cents, it cost $2.50 to go to the movies, a new Chevy pickup was priced at just under $7,500, and some real nice houses were being offered for $40,000.

Think those prices may have gone up a little bit, with all of the economic prosperity?

Out on the gravel roads, corn was being being grown here at $2.13 a bushel back in November, 1992. Beans were $5.62, hogs $43.42 and cattle $74.32.

One administration and eight years later, corn is $1.94 and beans are $4.62 at the local elevator today. Or at least at the local elevators that aren't slated to be closed down.

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