Monday, January 8, 2001

Tim Babock painstakingly prepares a stained glass window for transport at the Storm Lake United Methodist Church Friday. Every pane of antique stained glass, about 30 pieces in all, are being removed for renovation by Bovard Studios Stained Glass of Fairfield as part of the renovations of the church this season.

The pane Babcock is holding will take one to two weeks of renovation, and in all, it may take six to seven months to have all of the glass brought back to original condition. The stained glass all dates to 1906, and was produced by the Ford Brothers artisans, a well-known Chicago firm around the turn of the century, according to Pastor Kenneth Bell. The panes will be reinstalled around late July, with painting of the sanctuary to follow. The stained glass project is estimated to cost $116,000, and is part of a number of projects going on inside and outside the landmark church.

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