Peak Performance for healthy lifestyle

Thursday, July 15, 2004

If the shoe fits, wear it, doesn't quite describe how the average customer shops at Peak Performance in Storm Lake.

"It will be a different shoe buying experience," said Scott Randall, manager and Storm Lake native. "We don't look at the fashion of the shoe. We look at the foundation of the shoe."

Peak Performance, located at 617 Lake Ave., goes so far as to ask its customers to bring in their old athletic shoes so staff can determine what particular shoe would be best based on sole wear. "It helps determine what type of shoe people need," Randall said.

Randall said biomechanics is important even when selecting a walking shoe. "There's a little bit of an educational process involved," Randall said.

Peak Performance carries athletic shoes by Asics, Brooks, New Balance, and Mizuno. In addition to shoes, Peak also carries professional-grade home fitness gyms, athletic wear, and food supplements. Other featured items include treadmills and eliptical training machines. Randall also hopes to serve the high-school and college market within a 45-mile radius of Storm Lake.

"We will be calling on schools," Randall said. "All we do here is one thing. We build relationships. If they like you and trust you they'll do business with you. We want to set the bar to a level beyond what it's ever been before," in terms of customer service, Randall said.

The store keeps customer information in a central computer registry to help customers stay consistent with their purchases. Peak Performance also has a frequent buyer program and customers are given credit for referrals.

Randall said the company receives a lot of referrals from physicians and sports rehabilitation specialists. "They themselves are our customers," Randall said."We're trying to get educated as much as we can from our customers" as to their needs, Randall said. "What we're doing here is a new venture for Peak Performance."

"We're trying to encourage people to start some kind of exercise program," Randall said. "We want them to try to start living a healthier lifestyle."

Of Peak Performance's seven stores, the Storm Lake store is the only one that is carrying traditional athletic accessories and equipment for wresting, basketball, and football. Peak Performance's other stores include three in Omaha and one each in Sioux City, Lincoln, and Ogden, Utah.

For further information or special orders call Peak Performance at 712-213-7325.