Cass County Dems asks sheriff, county attorney to resign

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Cass County Democratic Central Committee has called for the resignation of two Republican county officials who have been criticized for the way they have managed their offices.

The committee called for the resignations of Sheriff Larry Jones, who's being investigated by the Iowa attorney general's office, and county Attorney James Barry, who was recently reprimanded by a state board.

Ronald Feilmeyer, chairman of the Cass County committee, said it wasn't a partisan decision to call for the officials' resignations, but one made out of concern for the community.

"I've had a number of Republicans saying 'Why didn't somebody do something about this?'" Feilmeyer said Wednesday, a day after the committee called for Jones and Barry to resign.

A state auditor's report issued last month found widespread mismanagement of both money and evidence, including weapons and drugs, at the sheriff's office.

That included the spending at least $11,000 on such things as entry fees for a golf tournament, flowers and circus tickets.

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