SL's next school on the horizon

Friday, December 29, 2000

As city's elementaries age, funding options hit statehouse, the $6 million question is - build one large central site, or keep neighborhood schools?

What will the next generation of Storm Lake elementary school classrooms look like? When Storm Lake Superintendent of Schools Bill Kruse closes his eyes to imagine, he sees two very different possibilities.

He isn't alone. Board of education members, educators and the community in general will at some point have to decide between the "neighborhood schools" concept with multiple buildings in the various regions of the city, or a single centralized elementary to serve the entire community - or some kind of compromise between the two.

"I can see good reasons both for retaining a neighborhood schools system and for one central school. In Storm Lake, the issue is still out there. Some people see the value of putting all of the kids together, which would be more equitable in terms of divisions of numbers and sections," Kruse said.

A single elementary building could be built on land the district already owns south of the middle school, he said. The building would need to be roughly the size of the middle school, at perhaps $6-7 million, the superintendent estimates, although no firm studies have been done.

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