Friday, December 29, 2000

Groundbreaking ex-BVU gridiron mentor samples life after football, but knows he will coach again...

As Joe Hadachek now steps out onto the field, he feels a sense of desire and accomplishment. This field, though, is a different kind of field, the field of business.

Hadachek left a legacy behind at Buena Vista University, where he was head football coach for four years before his resignation immediately after the 1999 season.

"When I first resigned, it took me a long time to get over the decision," said Hadachek, who moved with his family to Carroll. "It wasn't black and white. It was the best for me and my family."

Hadachek had turned around a team that barely won two games during the 1995 season, before he showed up and made the Beavers into contenders again in the Iowa Conference.

He had been an assistant coach 10 years at Drake University in Des Moines before getting the head coaching position here at Buena Vista. He coached from the 1996-'99 seasons.

BVU senior Josh Wiig, who was recruited by Hadachek, said "he turned everything that was bad into something positive."

When asked what kind of person the former coach was to play for, Wiig said, "He had a huge heart. He'd do anything for any of the team members. What it came down to, he was a coach and also a friend."

Steve Osterberger was Hadachek's successor as head football coach. He previously was the offensive coordinator at BVU.

Hadachek left Buena Vista to pursue a different kind of coaching - a type of coaching that deals with everyday people wanting to make a change in their lives.

Now he has done it again - turning another team around - but this time it is a whole different kind of team. It is a team of people living a dream to go out and help others get out of debt, lose weight and, like Hadachek himself, live their lives on their own terms. This team is called "Advocare."

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