Letters to the Pilot

Monday, June 28, 2004

Field of Dreams makes lasting impression


My husband and I were in Storm Lake on June 12 to watch our granddaughter play softball in the CYO tournament which was held at the Field of Dreams Complex in Storm Lake. We drove over from Sioux City. This was our first visit to Storm Lake and what a pleasant one it turned out to be.

We arrived at the fields at about 9 O'clock that Saturday morning and stayed until the games were called off because of rain and lightning. My husband and I were very impressed with this softball complex and the people that were working there.

We found that the food at the concession stand was not only reasonably priced but very tasty and the help so friendly and helpful... We are from San Francisco, California and had never heard of a turkey filet, but will never forget them now. Oh did they hit the spot.

The girls have no idea how lucky they are to get to play at such a beautiful complex. The fields were manicured to perfection - the Giants would have been proud to play on those fields. We saw two young men grooming the fields after each game and it was obvious to all that they took great pride in their work and it showed by how beautiful the entire complex looked.

We were much surprised to hear that the Field of Dreams is not owned by the City of Storm Lake but is a private foundation that is run by volunteers and private donations. This says a lot for the community of Storm Lake when you are able to have such a beautiful sports complex that is so well kept by volunteers and private contributions.

Our hats off to all of you and thanks for a Great Day at the Old Ball Park.

- Gladys Duncan

San Francisco, California