PILOT EDITORIAL - Senior complex

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

It is a better plan for the location, to be certain.

Will such a development still change the nature of a traditionally single-family-dwelling neighborhood? Yes it will, although to what degree remains to be seen. Will it compromise limited general housing stock? Yes, a little.

Yet does Storm Lake need more units for assisted independent living for its elders? Clearly it does.

If this facility were being built on a vacant area or an edge of the community, it would have been applauded from the beginning as a great addition.

The neighbors will yet have much to say about whether the plan is accepted for Storm Lake. We would hope the advantages now outweigh the disadvantages.

Varenhorst has made a strong effort to revise the project to be a better neighbor, and the need of Storm Lake seniors to continue with independent yet safe lifestyles gives the project second consideration. Development and compromise hand in hand...