Land, pool and crows top Alta city council meeting

Thursday, December 7, 2000

The Alta Industrial Board hopes to attract development north of Alta. Jim Eaton spoke on behalf of the industrial board at a city council meeting this week.

Eaton told the council that the industrial board is in the process of negotiating a deal to purchase 30 acres of land north of Alta. The industrial board is hoping to purchase the land and then use it for industrial development.

Eaton said he wanted the city to be aware of the negotiations because if the land can be bought, the city will become involved in getting the road paved, as well as getting water and sewer to the site.

"I know it will cost the city some so that's why we felt it was important to share this negotiation information with you," Eaton said. "We are hoping to know more this week and will let you know what we find out."

Council member Dan Huseman feels the land is something that the city does need and felt the council will be more than willing to work with the industrial board when the time comes.

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