Fitzpatrick commits $10,000 to higher education

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Tom Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Auto Center, Inc., has pledged $10,000 to the Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Education.

The mission of the IAD Foun-dation for Edu-cation is to invest in the future of the motor vehicle sales and service industry by awarding automotive scholarships.

The foundation also develops programs and incentives with high schools, colleges, educational agencies, and the public to encourage automotive careers.

Fitzpatrick joins a group of new car and truck dealers in Iowa who have made large financial com-mitments to the foundation, which collects money from motor vehicle dealerships and other dealership-related businesses, invests that money, and uses the investment proceeds to fund scholarships.

Each spring, the foundation reviews scholarship applications from high school and college students who are studying automotive technology or automotive collision technology and wish to become part of the next generation of high-tech auto and truck service workers.