Week of the Young Child, Gingerbread House to hold events

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Gingerbread House will hold the Week of the Young Child from April 19-23. Several events and activities will take place for the children at Gingerbread. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 19 - Outdoor Activity Day

All rooms except for the babies will go outside to do age-appropriate games outside. We will go in 30-minute shifts. ICCC students will help with the morning events. The schedule will be as follows:

3's: 9:00-9:30

2's: 9:30-10:00

Toddlers: 10:00-10:30

4's Pre-School: 10:30-11:00

4-s Daycare: 11:00-11:30

SA: 4:00-5:00 (East snack outside at 3:45)

Tuesday, April 20 - Parent and Child Appreciation Day

We will have rootbeer floats available for parents and children when they leave for the day. They will be available from 1-6. *Donated by Dairy Queen and Pepsi Cola*

Wednesday, April 21 - Special Activities Day

Each teacher will be encouraged to come up with some special activity to do in their classroom to celebrate the Week of the Young Child. This could be anything from preparing a special snack, playing special games or having special art projects.

Thursday, April 22 - GBH Carnival

We will set up a variety of carnival games for the children to play in the multi-purpose room area. The Iowa Central students will facilitate the events. Some events will be for prizes and some will not. Assigned times are as follows:

Toddlers: 9:00-9:20

Young 2's: 9:20-9:40

Older 2's: 9:40-10:00

3's: 10:00-10:20

4's and PS: 10:20-10:40

School Age: Before and after snack in their room.

Friday, April 23 - GBH Petting Zoo

A petting zoo will be set up in the southeast corner of the building beginning at 3 in the afternoon.

Rooms will not go out individually, but parents will get to take their children to the petting zoo when they leave for the day.

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