Odebolt-Arthur earns Carver grant to implement multiple intelligences

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Earning a Carver grant is quite an honor and Odebolt-Arthur educators have something to celebrate. The district received over $4,800 to implement multiple intelligences (MI) strategies into K-2 academic instruction and learning. To put it a little simpler...they hope to make learning a little more fun for everyone.

While the concept of multiple intelligences is familiar to O-A staff, putting it into practice in everyday classroom teaching has been a long-time goal.

After studying their instructional methods, a team of O-A elementary instructors found that daily instruction in their building narrowed itself into a word and math thinking areas for the majority of the school day and classes. Because each child learns differently, a variety of instructional methods should be incorporated into the classroom. Some children think in pictures, others enjoy music and some like to do statistics and numbers.

This innovative project at Odebolt-Arthur promotes the implementation of MI strategies into classrooms, provides daily MI learning in the Discovery Zone and builds groups of students regardless of grade. Educating parents and community members is also a key component.

Read the rest of this article in the 11/28 Pilot Tribune.

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