Gully's garden is one to be enjoyed by everyone

Thursday, March 25, 2004

It doesn't look like much right now but when Ron "Gully" Gullickson's garden is in bloom, it will be filled with fragrance, color, birds, butterflies and people observing the beauty of nature.

Gully, a former member of the Alta City Council, is a stickler for wanting the community to be cleaned up. He purchased an empty lot kitty corner from his lawn care business at West 1st Street and West Highway and has splashed it with color. The area is a great "entry way to Alta" and "everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it," he said.

The flower garden is totally Gully's and he takes great pride in its appearance. He does consider advice from his wife and other garden-admirers and often incorporates those ideas into his garden.

"I'm no flower expert by any means," he'll be the first to admit. "But I do enjoy working with flowers. It's not a big area but my goal is that there will eventually be no grass to mow; it will be interwoven with flowers."

Gully spends numerous hours working in the yards of other people, helping them keep their yards spruced up. He can't help but notice the many, many varieities of plants, flowers, trees, grasses and shrubs. Since he began this garden, he has been even more aware of these living things. He often asks customers about a plant he is curious about and often purchases a similar plant for his garden.

His passion, he will say, are lilies - yellow, purple and blue ones. By the end of this summer, he will have well over 150 lilies growing there.

He also has Russian sage, Weigela, Yucca plants, Buddleia, Sedum, Coreopsis, Sweet William., Hibiscus, Ninebrak, trumpet vines, Hosta, Astilla and Tickseed among the plants for everyone to enjoy. He also likes the variety.

Gully's garden is primarily perennials. They will require little maintenance, he said, except for removing the weeds that seem to grow rapidly each night. "I didn't want a lot of maintenance in the spring when I have other things to do," he said.

He has purposly incorporated some plants that draw butterflies and hummingbirds and puts out numerous birdfeeders for his feathered friends to enjoy.

The area consists of four large beds, surrounded by edging block. He intends to till up another area and add another bed this spring for his lilies to take over.

It was a suggestion of some visitors to the garden to place a bench for them to sit upon while enjoying the garden. Done. He had a double bench constructed and purchased a rustic bench to sit among the plants.

Gully has many plans for the garden, some he doesn't even know about yet, he joked. The project has become addictive but Gully is enjoying every minute of it.

Last year he placed severaly gazing balls out, lawn ornaments, bird baths, bird houses, and lights. Several more gazing balls are in boxes waiting to be put out for the first time this spring.

Gully likes going over to the garden on a nightly basis in the summer to groom things up and visit with the people who have come to enjoy it. Plus, he said, it's a good stress reliever from a busy day of work, he said.

The new plants are starting to pop up and that's always exciting. By June, the garden will be at its peak.

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