Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, March 18, 2004

King should take action, stop talking trash


I am not a professional politician; I am just a student. Yet Steve King's comments, and indeed his own blatant politicization of events seems so ridiculous to me that I cannot help but comment. Iowa is in trouble, Mr. King, in case you didn't realize that fact. I know that perhaps businessmen who turn into politicians, especially those without having had any experience in public service fields like education, law, law enforcement, health care, or social work might not understand the troubles of the personally unambitious, civically minded individuals within this state. Yet still the state of Iowa is facing a grave and uncertain future. Students like myself are leaving because not only is there little culture to be experienced, but increasingly there are fewer and fewer jobs AND young people. Teachers are facing the prospects of trying to do much more with only meager spending increases, and in some cases spending decreases, in education. Employees of this state, Mr. King, Republican and Democrat alike, deserve to be paid for the much needed services they provide, and the selfless I manner in which they provide them. My mother has been a teacher for almost thirty years. In that time she has taught English and language arts classes at the very highest levels, graded papers, directed productions, and given each and every one of her students the best instruction that a high school English teacher can provide. Does she mind the eighty-plus hour weeks she puts in?

Not for a second. She is four times as smart, and works twice as long as you, Representative King, and though she provides an infinite amount of times more public good, she gets paid nearly four times less. The same can be said for any number of those state employees you referred to in your statement. Ease up on the employees of this state, and those that sacrifice to work in meaningful, if not financially rewarding professions, and get to work. Let the Governor do his business for the people of this state, and let us decide on how well he's doing his job. You can get busy with finally starting to match in boldness and productivity your responsibilities and actions as a legislator with the boldness and productivity of your mouth.

- Tom Stewart, Storm Lake