Public safety personnel asking citizens to properly displace numerical addresses

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Storm Lake Police and Fire Departments along with the BV Regional Medical Center Paramedics Department are asking the citizens of Storm Lake to assist public safety personnel in responding to emergency calls and overall calls for service faster and more efficiently.

Public safety personnel have reported that for the past several years more and more citizens in Storm Lake fail to display their numerical address on the front of their homes, businesses and apartments.

These displayed numbers are crucial to public safety personnel as they respond to calls for service, that they are able to identify a particular address quickly and efficiently in order to provide appropriate services as requested.

The Storm Lake Police Department reminds all property owners that based on a city ordinance numerical addresses are to be displayed on their buildings no less than 2 and a half inches in length and made of good materials as well as being securely fastened to the building.

The Storm Lake Police Department will begin notifying property owners when structures are in violation. Failure of a property owner to comply with building numbering can result in the structures being numbered by the City and the property owner being made responsible for the cost via a tax assessment by order of the City Council.

Public Safety Director Mark Prosser says, "The numbering of homes and businesses in Storm Lake allows for public safety personnel to identify a building much quicker when a fire, medical emergency or crime is occurring.

"I'm confident that the citizens of Storm Lake who are not compliant will understand that and get their addresses posted in a timely fashion," Prosser said. " On behalf of all public safety personnel city wide I would like to say thank you to all of the property owners who display their numbers currently on their buildings and homes."

For more information or for citizens who have questionson this this issue, contact Captain Bob Swanson at 732-8010.

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