Monday, November 20, 2000

It shows the quality of the reporter as one who brings only half the facts or only what he believes the people of Storm Lake need to know. Because Mr. Cullen seems to have a knack of using his instrument of the paper to be so boldly biased and opinionated, I am thankful that Storm Lake has two publications. My circle of friends and family refer to this reporter's paper as tabloid and the other Storm Lake publication as a Newspaper.

I wonder why people continue to buy his paper and I have to admit I have purchased a Star and an Enquirer from time to time, do I believe all that is printed, NO. It was for entertainment purposes. Our local tabloid though steps over the boundaries of professionalism from time to time.

Cullen states that Velez deserves a seat on the council. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to represent their city if they have the courage to. Yes, Mr. Valez ran before, he didn't win and he has the right to run again. I have conversed and visited with Mr. Velez many times on how to help our new neighbors. Mr. Velez works with employment at IBP also and when he brings the employees from around the world to Storm Lake, I have found

housing for many of these new employees here in Storm Lake for the past 10 years.

This wasn't my job and I

wasn't paid for these services. I did it because I wanted to help. I took out nomination papers after a conversation I had with Mr. Velez. I told him I would help him with his candidacy if he chose to run again for city council. At that time, he expressed that he had applied for another job that would take him out of the Storm Lake area and he would have to move. So it was then I decided that the citizens of Storm Lake needed another candidate for that position.

I don't know Mr. Randy Persoon. It would be nice if Mr. Cullen, the reporter, would write about all the candidates. That is what a reporter does-gets the facts and gives them to the people so they can make up their own minds, make their own decisions.

Mr. Cullen has hurt many people over the years with his callused remarks and opinionated statements... And NO I do not want your endorsement. I am asking you to act on a professional level in the future.

Sherise Gibson

Storm Lake