Telecom project may aid economic development in Storm Lake

Monday, November 20, 2000

With the construction of the new McLeod USA fiber optic network nearing completion in Storm Lake, local officials are eager to use the city's newfound status atop the telecommunications heap to spur economic development and quality of life improvements.

"There are very few communities Storm Lake's size in the state or the nation for that matter that have competing telecommunications companies with separate systems in their towns. In fact, there are very few cities of any size that can boast that," said Marshall Damgaard, a spokesman for McLeod USA. "Storm Lake has a time-driven window of opportunity with this technology that can be a huge advantage to create jobs for existing business, attract new industry, or incubate industrial development from within."

Storm Lake Area Development Corporation leader Jim Gossett is equally enthusiastic. "This can differentiate Storm Lake from the other communities of its size. With our excellent workforce and quality of life, a robust telecommunications environment puts us over the top - if we do the right things to market it."

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