Readers Respond

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

The global economy


What are the plans for the temporary foreign workers? At present we have 10 million aliens in the United States who want to have a temporary workers card.

Question - Will those who don't apply for a temporary workers card be deported back to their own country?

Question - How many times can a temporary worker from another country renew their workers card?...

Question - What does amnesty mean? (Those) entering the United States illegally and using fraudulent documents to get a job should not get amnesty.

Question - Will these aliens be able to get a drivers license? Will these workers be entitled to bring their relatives to live in the United States? Why can't graduates from colleges in the U.S. get jobs in their field of training, especially engineers? A corporation will chose an engineer from India, whom they will pay $20,000. Compare this to a top U.S. graduate who will be offered $50,000 to $100,000...

Question - What does world globalism bring ? It means open borders of the U.S.that will flood our country with cheap labor. We can learn from the country of Germany, who experienced "guest workers," It created a new subordinated caste of unassimilated foreign workers. This is not the social structure we want in our country.

Question - What are the privileges these illegal workers receive? 1 .Temporary work programs. 2. Mexican I.D. cards. 3. The Dream Act (this gives in state college tuition to illegal aliens). 4. Drivers license, and visas. 5. Free hospital care. 6. Social Security benefits. The average American has to work 10 years before receiving Social Security... We, the American citizens should tell congress the following;

1. Be honest when talking about immigration that addresses voters concerns.

2. Reject Amnesty no matter how it is disguised.

3. Reject all temporary foreign workers as guest workers.

4. Put troops on our borders to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

5. Cut off federal funds to any state that gives drivers license to illegal aliens.

6. Prosecute employers who hire illegal workers.

7. Terminate the H-IB program for aliens (aliens are hired and depress wages for all workers) as we have no shortage of engineers.

8. Do a better job of screening immigrants for diseases such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, tuberculosis, polio and measles.

9. Last, but not least, require every Congressional candidate or those already elected to take a stand on these issues.

10. We, the citizens of this country, before it is too late, need to be seriously concerned about the future of our country and express our thoughts to our elected congressional leaders.

- Leone Frohardt, Storm Lake

I came, I saw, I moved to Storm Lake and found...


WINDS incessant winds unimpaired as they roar across miles of corn stalks and soy bean plants which have been conquered, well, not quite, but put to use by the forest of wind generators that march across the country side. Those wind generators with beautifully sculpted long blades held aloft by a network of metal lace. Each one is a contemporary work of art.

FOG misty dew hiding even a water tower even from a few feet away while giving a drink of nectar to open leaves as corn stalks reach out to the sky.

LAKE responding to the moods of the winds bringing white caps to top the restless waves or on a calm summer day it reflects the white clouds of a baby blue sky. It is edged with parks which are inviting green recreation spaces, and are even lighted to encourage an evening stroll to please master and dog.

CHURCHES filled with smiling people who offer a hand of friendship and get to know my name.

BANKS having more friendly people who know my name.

UNIVERSITY with ARCH supporters bring in shoes worn by celebrities to extend the education of the students as well as Storm Lake Citizens.

MELTING POT OF CITIZENRY Swedes, Danes, Latino and most every country represented make up the population of Storm Lake

LIBRARY, HOSPITAL AND RESTAURANTS and most every kind of store where they know my name. Library with knowledgeable librarians to point out latest best sellers as well as classics and those with computer interests find help there. There is a large book collection as well as videos appealing to vast interests.

Hospital and Clinics New as well as well established with new technology and

wherewithal to put it to use by doctors of unusual skills tried and true

TREE LINED STREETS giving our city beautiful just that.


3 counties over (from the border); 3 counties down

in BUENA VISTA county is our town

And people of Storm Lake know my name

- Iva Hyams (author of "Inklings"), Storm Lake