Pilot Readers Respond

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Letters to the Pilot

Serve the patients first at BVRMC, not the dollar


Buena Vista Regional Medical Center in Storm Lake, has recently done a nice job in updating the buildings and the services which they offer to the community. Most of the people are good to work with and are professional and pleasant.

But there is a problem. I am sure that I am not the only one that has from time to time owed money to BVRMC. I am one of those people who does pay the ones I owe in a timely manner. I feel that if I use their services then I am expected to pay my bills. My philosophy from the very first billing statement was to put them on my list of payments due every month.

I did receive a call from the accounts department asking me to make larger payments to them, I was unable to up the amount I was paying to them and we talked about it, but it was not enough for them. I did continue to make my payment to them every month although it wasn't the amount that BVRMC wished to receive from me.

I received a letter from them saying that they were going to send my account to collection, and would you believe they did just that. I was under the understanding that this couldn't be done if one was making an effort to pay their bill and the creditor had been accepting the given payment, whatever the amount. It must not be true for BVRMC, which is to bad for all the people that BVRMC has said they would be there for when they are having medical difficulties.

I know that there are at times some medical bills they never collect, but if one is making an effort why not work with that person - it can only get better for them. When they send an account to collection, they lose 40 to 50 percent right off the top. Good business? NOT. If the person is making an effort, something is better than nothing. Remember it could get better as time goes by.

For us we have other hospitals who accept what we are able to send, Yes, we hear from them from time to time and they are understanding. So, I will use the hospital that understands and is for the people they serve, not the dollar first.

- Dale Olsen, "Sad in Alta"

In need of a beautiful view


In a recent letter to the editor, mention was made of the spectacular view of the lake as one enters Storm Lake from the east.

I agree with Vance that it is a beautiful sight as long as you keep your eyes peeled to the left. However, it would be a great improvement if the cottages and small businesses to the right would convert to condominiums so that many people could enjoy a daily "Buena Vista."

Then, the big picture would be a total beautiful sight as one enters Storm Lake from the east.

- Esther Linge, Storm Lake

Tell both sides of the immigration story in Iowa


Regarding the article in the January 10, 2004 issue, "Caucuses to sound off on immigrant ads," Mr. Cardenas states that "Iowa's labor leaders" have urged TV stations to pull ads sponsored by the Coalition for the future of the American Worker. Could Mr. Cardenas please specify who these labor leaders are and what interests they represent? This would sure help educate us as to who is behind proposals to employ illegal immigrants.

I do not believe that the ads are meant to enflame Iowans, rather they attempt to educate us as to what is truly happening with the current unchecked illegal immigration in Iowa, as well as many other states.

Presented with factual information regarding the negative and/or positive reason for non-support or support of illegal immigration employment in the state, I am sure Iowans are quite capable of making their own decisions without becoming "enflamed" and/or divided against one another.

It is Mr. Cardenas' opinion that we are only allowed to hear his "pro" illegal immigration employment sentiments, but we are to be prevented from hearing any valid arguments against illegal immigration? This, Mr. Cardenas, is NOT the American way! Personally, I find WHO-TV in Des Moines

in violation of my rights as a legal citizen of this wonderful country to hear both sides of an argument and to make an informed decision for myself.

Some of my fellow citizens and neighbors in Iowa may deem my position against illegal immigration to be "impolite," and some may decide it is right on target. However, regardless of my neighbor's stance, we should not allow any interest to ban us from hearing the opposing argument to any topic.

I, for one, am not afraid to stand up for Iowa (or any other state's LEGAL workers) for fear of being called a bigot...

- Mauricia Ann Proper, Storm Lake