Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Readers Respond

Immigration is a legal

issue, not a racial one


Thank heavens for individuals like Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, who advocate strict immigration rules. I am disheartened by President Bush's proposal that the current load of illegal immigrants in this country, mostly from Mexico, be granted an amnesty of sorts to stay here under the so-called "guest worker" program. This program, by the way, should be abolished in and of itself for anyone entering this country illegally. No green card and/or authorization to enter this country legally to work, no job... period!

Does anyone realize the burden these illegals place upon legal taxpaying citizens? We just moved here from Arizona, hoping to get away from some of the mess the illegals cause in that state, i.e., severely over-burdened health centers (most illegals use the Emergency Room of hospitals as their general practioner, free of charge, of course; causing some ER's in Arizona to close down because they can no longer afford to finance illegal medical care), and welfare organizations, not to mention the tremendous elevation of criminal activity illegals often generate. Now President Bush suggests that we give them an incentive to return to their home country at the end of their "guest worker" stay by offering to pay them Social Security benefits in their country of origin! Is the average American citizen aware that we already pay the illegal immigrant families money to keep their children in school? I never received a penney, nor should I have, to keep my children in school when they were growing up. So, why do we give benefits to illegals?

Are we simply going to sit here and let the illegals take over this country without firing a shot, simply so employers can hire cheaper labor, thereby making corporate America happy with the President?

While stationed with the Air Force in Okinawa, Japan, I adopted a little girl of Chinese and Korean ancestry from Korea. The adoption was legal, and she was my legal dependent, but I had to fight for seven years with the INS to make her a legal citizen of this country! Meanwhile, amnesty was granted more than once to illegals, primarily from Mexico, to stay in this country.

I often thought the biggest mistake I made was not tossing my daughter into the Rio Grande and having her swim across ... the road to citizenship sure would have been quicker!

I am seriously concerned that it will not be long before the illegals (I will not refer to them as 'immigrants', as they are not here legally) outnumber the citizens of this country, and how much longer will English be this country's language.

Please, don't think that I don't like brown people or black people, etc., etc., ... I don't care what color you are, and this is not a racial issue.

It is a legal issue ... you either are or you aren't, and we don't reward an illegal act by making it legitimate.

- Mauricia Ann Proper, Storm Lake

What about the

American worker?


Organized labor's vicious attacks on the media ads created by the Coalition for the Future of the American Worker in Iowa begs the question: When did protecting American jobs become "anti-immigrant?" Hasn't the Supreme Court ruled many times that the purpose of our immigration laws is to protect the American worker? Was Samuel Gompers "anti-immigrant" and "racist" when he helped persuade Congress to end the "Great Wave" in 1924, which lead to higher wages and creation of the middle class?

Somebody should tell presidential candidate John Kerry that "people don't have to die in the desert to find a better life for themselves." All that needs to be done is for Mexico, which is very rich in natural resources, to abandon its corrupt governmental policies and take steps to bring its economy into the modern era so one-fourth of its labor force can return home. It is high time that Mexico stood on its own two feet rather than expecting the American taxpayer to solve its internal problems.

And I have just learned that WHO-TV has pulled what it calls CFAW's "border line racist" ads, which begs another question: Are illegal aliens the only ones entitled to "search for a better life" in this country?

- Dave Gorak, Midwest

Coalition to Reduce Immigration, Lombard, Illinois

A letter well stated


Thank you to Pat Sievers for a wonderful, intellectual letter in Thursday's, January 8 Pilot-Tribune. ["Post War," Guest Opinion]. For those of you that haven't read it, do so.

- Doris Boettcher, Alta