Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Sad to see Adult Day Care end at BVRMC


We all make choices regarding worthy causes that we want to support. Hundreds of people chose to support the Festival Of Trees that was held at the K.C. Hall in Storm Lake, November 21-22. This was an event that almost everyone in our region could participate in and be a part of. You didn't have to be a member of the BV Regional Medical Center Auxiliary to participate, although we'd love to have you join us. Your attendance, your purchases at the Festival, your donations for the bake sale and silent auction items, the in-kind donations of time and materials, advertising and willingness to work make this year a huge success. Thank you, to all of you who chose this a cause worthy of your support.

For those of you have said, "What exactly does the BVRMC Auxiliary do anyway?", let me give you a few highlights. We donate funds for the Vial of Life, blood donation services (Red Cross and Siouxland), colorectal program, student scholarships for those entering the medical field, donate for art in the hospital, provide seasonal decorations for the hospital, funds for the Relay for Life and senior wellness. In addition to all of these things, our volunteers staff the coffee shop and gift shop, give tours of the hospital, assist people with directions upon entering the hospital and much more. We invite you to come and be a part of the auxiliary. Make a difference.

Donna Stanton, Storm Lake

A Great Smoke Out


On behalf of the American Cancer Society, the Buena Vista University Public Relations Campaign class would like to extend our gratitude to the Storm Lake community members who helped make the Great American Smoke Out Campaign a success. The campaign was held on the BV campus Thursday, November 20 asking students to turn in their cigarettes and pledge to go smoke free for the day.

With your help we had 39 people pledge to go smoke free. It was the prizes you were so willing to donate that helped encourage students to quit smoking for the day. Once again, we would like to thank the following members for contributing to the success of our campaign; Berg Jewelers, Lone Star, Omni Photo, Suns Up, Sugar Bowl, Abner Bells, Brown's Shoe Fit, Sportsman's, Subway, Star Video, Maurices, Paxton's, Bomgaars, The Buckle, Fareway, Silk Screen, Expertease, Total Concept, Hair Unlimited, Mr. Movies, La Roches, Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce, BV Sheriff's Department, Citizen's Bank, Fitzpatrick's Auto Center, BV Athletic Department, Dairy Queen, Chine House, Papa's Hot Subs & Pizza, KFC, Hardees, Taco John's, The Iowa Store (Chuck and Carla Offenburger), Wal-Mart, Boz Wellz, Villager, Honeykissed Pizza, Tips to Toes, Faust, Touch Above, Fridley Theatres, Pizza Hut, Lakeshore Family Restaurant, Bakers Court, G. Witters, The Pantry, Burger King and McDonalds.

We would also like to thank Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, The Storm Lake Times, KAYL, KKIA, KBVU and University Cable Network for running Great American Smoke Out information for the event. Your dedication to this community is priceless.

Kiala Buenzow and Kelli Heidesch,

BVU Public Relations Campaign Leaders

Why Howard Dean is a target


Two things happened this week in presidential politics that even the most experienced Iowa Caucus observer has never seen before. I find them both astonishing in their implication.

First, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean asked his supporters to contribute money to the Congressional race of Des Moines-area Democrat Rep. Leonard Boswell. Within 3 days, Dean supporters had contributed over $50,000 to Representative Boswell's re-election campaign, with an average contribution in the neighborhood of $38. Boswell, who consistently votes against the outrages perpetrated by the Bush Administration, has been targeted by Karl Rove as a Democrat who the GOP will focus on trying to unseat in the upcoming election.

This kind of fundraising support is unprecedented. In general, a sitting president will help raise funds for Congressional races, but a candidate who does not currently hold elective office? Before even one caucus has met or one primary vote has been cast?... The kind of leadership exhibited here is remarkable...

Second, the GOP, through a special interest group called the Club for Growth, has, for the first time ever, stepped into the Democratic Presidential Primary process and started running attack ads against one of the candidates - long before the nominee has been chosen! Of course, the Democratic candidate of choice is Howard Dean. The GOP decision to interfere in the Democratic Primary is a clear indication that the GOP sees Howard Dean as a serious threat. With momentum, money, and grassroots support propelling Howard Dean away from the pack, I believe the GOP is right to see Dean as a threat.

So, I say to my fellow Iowa caucus goers - keep your eyes open! This just keeps getting more and more interesting. We're lucky we're one of the two states that is actually paying attention at this time of year.

Linda Thieman, Storm Lake