Clubs aim to make BV a Blue Star County

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Blue Star Markers is a cooperative effort of the Federated Gardens clubs, Veteran's organizations, area businesses, and families and friends of Veterans. Buena Vista residents have an opportunity to have the only Blue Star County in Iowa to Honor our Veterans.

The Little Sioux Federated Garden Club of the Linn Grove/Sioux Rapids area will work with Buena View Federated Garden Club and the Garden Club of Albert City to work on making BV County a Blue Star County. To be official as the only Blue Star County in Iowa, a marker is needed in each town.

There are two sizes of Markers, the large one like the one at the Junction of Highways 3 and 71 costs $940. The small one needs to be mounted on something, but is less expensive at a cost of $235. Both marker types are readily available at this time.

"If 18 people or businesses gave $50 dollars, and one other gave $40 dollars we'd have the large marker. If 94 people or businesses gave $10 we'd have the large marker. If 23 people or businesses gave $10 and one gave $5, we'd have the small marker. What a small price to pay for all our freedoms," said Marian McNabb, one of the Garden Clubs representatives.

They will also be looking for two Korean or Vietnam Veterans in each town, who will unveil these markers. Our hope is to put them in and have the unveiling ceremony next June, in Buena Vista County.

Donations can be sent to the Little Sioux Federated Garden Club, in care of Marian M. McNabb, 311 Sweet, Linn Grove, Iowa 51003 or Buena Vista Federated Garden Club, in care of JoAnn Olsen, 988-640th Street, Storm Lake, 50588.

Make checks out to the Garden Clubs and put what town you'd like your Blue Star Marker money to go toward.

The towns in our county are: Alta, Albert City, Hanover, Lakeside, Marathon, Newell, Rembrandt, Storm Lake, Sulfur Springs, and Truesdale. Sioux Rapids has had their Blue Star Marker near Sioux Central School for four years, and the Little Sioux Federated Garden Club will be putting one up in Linn Grove next year.

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