Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, November 6, 2003

American citizens - lazy, with no imagination


Gary Worthan had an excellent letter to the editor in Saturday's paper. We are at war - a least some of us - the ones in uniform.

The rest of us Americans are going on with our normal, self-satisfying lives. Going shopping, watching reality TV and football games. A war is the last thing on our minds. Sure we read the paper and watch the news about it on TV - we may even talk about it at the coffee shop or during the card game - but the discussion is usually about the politics of the war or how one political party is wrong about what they are doing or not doing.

We Americans lack the imagination to really think about what is going on the world. There is a growing wave of hatred growing in the world and it is directed at YOU - the American Citizen.

Most of us have already forgotten what REALLY happened on September 11, 2001, that is unless you had a family member killed or injured on that day. And that is what is happening to Americans - as long as it doesn't disrupt your cable or dish reception then we really don't concern ourselves. We wrap ourselves in a security blanket, sit on the couch and watch "reality TV" most of which couldn't be farther from the truth. We allow mass media to tell us what the truths of the world are then we roll over and continue to nap.

The Wothans know the "true" reality - their son is on the front line commanding soldiers in life and death situations on a continuous basis. My brother flies C-130 cargo planes into Iraq and Afghanistan to supply the troops on the line - they are in harm's way - that is real to us. Well don't worry America, because this is not just "A War in Iraq". This is a war against all who cherish freedom.

The front lines are where ever freedom rings and I don't mean that figuratively. We will get off our couch and get interested in the "war" when one of these terrorists pulls a Soviet built surface-to-air missile out of his trunk and shoots down an airliner filled with families heading to vacation.

Get involved, buy a world atlas - find out where these places in the world are, become a pen pal to a soldier serving in another country. Read: about world history, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Turn off reality TV and start living in the real world - WAKE UP!

Dan Sokolowski,

Storm Lake