'Scrooge' contest adds fun for Miracle on Lake Avenue

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Live nativity and more December 4th

Hey, Storm Lake, it's time to select the Grand Marshall for the Parade of Lights at Miracle on Lake Avenue! The theme is "A Christmas Carol," and it can't happen without Scrooge leading the way as the Grand Marshall.

In order to show the charitable, fun-loving spirit of Christmas, five Storm Lake business leaders have volunteered to be "Scrooge-Elects" to help raise money for Santa's Castle.

Nominees are: Ben Guenther-First Federal Savings Bank of the Midwest; Deb Gransow-Citizen's Community Credit Union; Charles Logan-Northwest Federal Savings Bank; Tom Fitzpatrick-Fitzpatrick's Auto Center; Scott Schuelke-SchueIke Auto Co.

Containers for all candidates will be placed in these businesses beginning November 11. Community members can "vote" for their favorite Scrooge by placing donations to Santa's Castle in the selected container.

The last day to contribute will be Tuesday, December 2. The containers will be collected and donations counted. A challenge has been issued to all of the "Scrooge-Elects" to collect $500, as this is the annual fundraiser for Santa's Castle.

The candidate who collects the most money will become our "Scrooge" and be honored as the Grand Marshall of the Miracle on Lake Avenue Parade of Lights. You'll have to come to the parade December 4 to see who won!

The parade marches down Lake Avenue at 6 p.m. Festivities follow with live entertainment in store windows, holiday merchandise lining the store shelves, warming stations, a live nativity, and lots of goodies to choose from.

Remember, you can vote for any Grand Marshall Scrooge candidate in any of these businesses they represent. If you choose to vote with a check, please make your tax-deductible donation payable to the Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce, as all the money will be used for future restoration of Santa's Castle.

Santa's Castle opens Thanksgiving Day. The Castle and Miracle on Lake Avenue are projects of the Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce. For more information on the holiday projects, call 712-732-3780.

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