BV County completes requirements for disaster matching funds

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Completion of comprehensive emergency planning will ensure that Buena Vista County will be eligible for state matching funds in the event of a presidentially-declared disaster.

Buena Vista County has completed a comprehensive county-wide multi-hazard emergency plan, which helps provide for disaster response, recovery, and mitigation needs of the citizens of the county.

This compliance with state emergency planning standards is needed for a county to remain eligible to receive the state's share of financial assistance in a presidentially-declared disaster.

"This is a significant accomplishment for Buena Vista County," said Ellen M. Gordon, Iowa Homeland Security Advisor and Emergency Management Administrator. "We'll continue to work with the other counties to help them complete their plans so they will also be eligible for the state share of assistance."

State law requires counties to complete a comprehensive set of plans in order to receive the state match. Prior to the adoption of the state law requiring county-wide multi-hazard plans, Iowa counties did have emergency plans in place.

The law enacted in 1999 and effective July 1, 2000, requires counties to expand the plan to include specific hazard mitigation and recovery strategies. Counties are required to file their completed county-wide multi-hazard plans with the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division.

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