StarLink hassle just beginning

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Aventis, the producer of StarLink, has been working in conjunction with USDA to make sure all StarLink from this year's harvest is used for industrial purposes or for feed.

Kraft recalled the shells that contained traces of StarLink, while several other food companies have temporarily closed corn flour mills because of suspected contamination from StarLink corn.

Reports indicate that 135,000 acres of StarLink corn was raised in Iowa, much of that in the western portion of the state. The question of how StarLink corn ended up in a food product is still unanswered.

A spokesperson for Garst Seed, which sold much of the StarLink seed in Iowa, told the Pilot Tribune that the company could not speculate how StarLink ended up in the food supply. The spokesperson said the problem could have arisen anywhere, from the miller to the deliverer.

Local effects are beginning to surface, with area elevators scrambling to keep StarLink grain clear of all other grain.

Read the rest of this article in the 10/31 Pilot Tribune.

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