'Who's Dying to be a Millionaire' at N-F

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Faculty Co-directors Diane Vanderhoff and Stephen Mackey as well as student director Krista Hakeman would like to invite everyone to come to Old New Plunketville and join the Newell-Fonda High School cast of over 40 students for their presentation of the new and exciting game show, "Who's Dying To Be A Millionaire?"

Mayor Bertha Hoggens and a group of council women have come to the set to officially welcome the host, Reginald Smarmy, to the city and gets caught up in what is happening on the show.

The local police chief, Jesse Marlowe, and his deputy, Barbara Philpot, are called in and decide to cancel the show. Director Clovis Darnell and vice president of the station, Joyce Mansfield, are not about to let that happen because the ratings have never been higher.

The production will be presented on Friday evening, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Newell-Fonda old gym. Come and see for yourself what you would do if someone asked you, "are you dying to be a millionaire?"

Admission to the play is $2 for adults and $1 for students.