Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Helping hand in Storm Lake


On Sunday, August 3, my wife and I were traveling to Sioux City to pick up 3 of our granddaughters to take them to Adventureland in Des Moines. When we reached Storm Lake we discovered that we had a problem with our van. We called one of my wife's relatives who knows a great deal more about vehicles than either of us do and, he referred us to Wal-Mart - as that was the only business open that had any automotive people around on Sunday.

The person I talked to at WalMart acted as if he would be very happy if I would simply get out of his way. Needless to say - I was upset. After all, we had three little girls to pick up in Sioux City within just a few hours. All we wanted was to have someone take a quick look at our van to see if it was safe to drive on the trip we were contemplating.

We left Wal-Mart and went to the One Stop Shop, which is just down the street, where I encountered the cashier on duty - Bruce Hoffman. He was busy BUT guess what? He took the time to listen to our problem and then turned around and called a guy he was sure could at least give us some good advice. The guy he referred us to was Lyle Morenz of Lyle's Amoco. Lyle was good enough to come into the house, taking time away from what he was doing at home on a Sunday, and listen to our problem. After hearing what was happening with our vehicle Lyle assured us that it was safe to continue on our journey and to have the problem fixed within the next few hundred miles. That is all we wanted to know...

We felt it was fitting to treat Lyle in the same manner as he had treated us!

My point in sending this letter to you is to remind you that you have some very dedicated, honest, and caring local business men in your community. I have mentioned the names of just two of them. The Wal-Mart employee could have treated us with just as much respect as Bruce and Lyle did. He chose not to do so!

Because of the great treatment we received from Bruce and Lyle on Sunday, we stopped back in Storm Lake on Tuesday and had Lyle and his staff make the needed repairs to our vehicle. This they did with very little time involved and at a reasonable price. Our gas tank was getting low so we, of course, had Lyle fill it with gasoline which was not as cheap as it would have been WalMart.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES, especially if you want them to be around to serve you when Wal-Mart won't do it in the future.

Keith W. Godfrey