Juvenile crime 'embarrassing' BV challenge

Friday, October 27, 2000

With Buena Vista County boasting slightly more than one-quarter of all the detainees at the Youth Emergency Services Center in Cherokee, the board of supervisors is questioning what, if anything, it can do.

Buena Vista County has the most detainees and pays the highest amount in to the Y.E.S. Center. The center was established by 14 counties throughout Northwest Iowa, and compared to the statistics for those counties, Buena Vista has the most detainees, the most days booked and the highest tab.

"Out of 14 member counties, we're furnishing half the funding," county supervisor Jim Gustafson, who serves on the Y.E.S. board, said. "There seems to be nothing we can do about this. It's embarrassing for the taxpayers of our county."

During the last fiscal year, 1999-2000, Buena Vista County had 108 detainees at the Y.E.S. Center, who were booked for a total of 1,495 days at a cost of $149,500.

Following Buena Vista in cost and detainees was Sac County, with 30 detainees booked for 275 days at a cost of $27,500.

The breakdowns of Buena Vista's detainees include 25 Caucasian detainees, 54 Hispanic detainees and 28 Asiatic detainees. Eighty-eight of them are males and 20 are females.

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