Car takes out front wall and waiting area of Design Masters

Monday, September 8, 2003

A misstep resulted in a recently purchased vehicle, still awaiting permanent license plates, slamming through the front of Design Masters in Spencer, Tuesday morning.

No one was seated in the waiting area or at the receptionists desk when the car entered the building, taking out the front wall and colliding with chairs, product displays coming to rest on the appointment desk.

The vehicle did not stop until it was more than half way into the building.

"It could have been worse, much worse," one witness remarked at the scene, shortly after learning that nobody was seated in the waiting area which is exactly where the car went through.

Another witness who was in the building at the time of the accident commented, "That's the scariest noise I've ever heard."

Karen Buchholz, an employee of Design Masters said, "It's just a blessing that nobody was hurt. That's our waiting area, we're just lucky that nobody was sitting there."

Gladys Stamer, 75, of Sutherland was attempted

to pull into a parking space on the west side of Design Masters, directly in front of the main entrance.

Traveling east into parking space, Stamer apparently stepped on her accelerator accidentally when she went to step on her brake.

It took EMTs, police officers, and members of the Spencer Fire Department close to half of an hour to get Stamer out of the vehicle.

She was stabilized, placed on a stretcher, taken to a gurney, and then transported by Spencer Ambulance to the Spencer Municipal Hospital where she was checked for injuries.

According to Buchholz, Stamer was able to leave the hospital under her own power.

As for Design Masters, clients were taken out back and work continued on the sidewalk directly east of me building until the structure was cleared for safety purposes. By afternoon,with large boards placed over the open hole, customer service returned to normal.

"We're a full-force, drive-thru salon," joked Buchholz, after allowing her nerves to settle.

"We haven't closed down and will continue to serve customers."

Damage to Stamer's 2003 Lincoln was $6,000 while Design Masters sustained estimated damages of $10,000.

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