Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Cobblestone memories


Thank you very much for the interesting article about the "Cobblestone" going into the Iowa Hall of Fame. My husband grew up in Alta and Storm Lake until he joined the Navy in 1947! He still has a brother and sister and their families living there. We enjoy having your newspaper on line as it is a way of keeping in touch of "what's happening!" I did print the article out and will put it into our big "Buena Vista" book we have. Please keep such good articles coming as us "old" folks like to have the memories to read and remember. Thank you.

- Honey Breyfogle, Norfolk, Va.


The magic began when I walked through the black light to show the stamp on my hand. I think the Cobblestone must always have music and not be developed for some other purpose. The Clear Lake Ballroom is still alive and the Cobblestone should be, too. Seeing the Cobblestone empty is a sad reminder of how an owner has a responsibility to do something or sell it to someone who cares.

- Susan Harrington, via e-mail


I like many would like to see the Cobblestone preserved and kept intact as it was in its "Heyday." I met my first husband there and have many fond memories of the many dances we and all our friends attended. Charge for tours!

- Joan Dark, via e-mail