Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A breeze off the lake helped keep things tolerable Saturday evening during Lakefest, 2016, but it was still pretty warm as the opening acts sang for the crowd. The heat didn't stop one couple from out of town from cycling all morning, then hitting the concert. The husband said, "Man, you guys have such a nice place here." Beer in hand, he lifted his shirt sleave to show me his tan line and said, "My wife and I just finished bicycling 40 miles around the lake, and we loved it!" He gazed at the boats on the lake and said, "The view is so nice!" The temperature dropped a little hen the sun went down, but the stage was just heating up as Locash came out to put on a show. A pair of ladies from near Iowa City came up to see them. "We've been following them for a long time, since they were the Low Cash Cowboys, and we love them," one of them said. Highlights of the show included the band doing cheers with the crowd during the song 'Drunk, drunk, drunk," and 11 year-old Lisa being invited onto the stage to help Locash sing "Pour Some Sugar on Me," and doing a great job. / Photos by Chip Hubert