Buenafication Day, BVU gives back

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Photos courtesy BVU

The day is spent serving the community for BVU students, faculty, and staff once a day every academic school year. They spend the whole year planning. Buena Vista University students Krystal Schulte and Natalie Bellairs rang the victory bell to kick of Buenafication Day on May 1. By ringing the victory bell it signified the day of service was to begin. Student Bonnie Keller celebrates Buenafication Day in flashing style as she prepares to run the Colorful Strides 5K race. She can also be seen helping paint the sign for the new potato garden created at BVU's outdoor recreation center. BVU President Fred Moore takes a "selfie" with students at the opening ceremony. Student M.O.V.E.'s mascot, a cow named 2%, visits volunteer sites to join in the service. Student M.O.V.E. is a service based organization on campus. BVU students Bonnie Keller and Ashley Lage prepare for Buenafication Day selling t-shirts. BVU staff package meals.