Storm Lake Pilot Tribune blogs Recent blogs from the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune newspaper in Storm Lake, Iowa en-us Selling your souls in the name of “student-athletes” (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) There has been quite a hot button issue among sports journalists in the state of Iowa these past few weeks. An issue that most normal folks might not see as a huge issue but it is. The Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa High School Sports Network have sold their souls to the almighty dollar. I’m not going to write a whole lot in this blog, instead I’m going to show a few screen shots from Twitter and let you, dear readers, draw your own conclusions on what this means... Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:32:55 -0600 “Best Version of Yourself” - Part 1 of 3 (Through Shane's Eyes by Shane Schreck) I'm going to expose you all to a three part series; “Best Version of Yourself”. I pondered the thought of just doing one blog on the subject, and quickly came to terms with the fact that I'd be doing myself, and everyone else an injustice. I've been very fortunate to be in the same company as some of the brightest people our great country has to offer. I tend to harness my own inner strength and drive with a combination of lessons learned and inspiration I've... Thu, 19 Jan 2017 15:49:08 -0600 Ice, ice baby (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) There aren’t a ton of perks to living in the northern tundra wasteland in the dead of winter, unless you happen to be a polar bear. All former kids, though, can recall one benefit - the glorious, gleaming gift from the gods of precipitation known as “the school snow day.” Insert sound of trumpets from on high here, and perhaps a chorus of opera divas trilling “hall-elujah!” These events were borderline national holidays, or at least northern plains cause... Thu, 19 Jan 2017 11:25:01 -0600 Respect given, respect earned (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) I always like to see what my fearless editor, as well as the other columnists for our fine publication, write for column topics every week. That’s obvious, because I don’t want to duplicate anything in my writing – you know, harrumph, here, here, and all that jib-jive. So, when Dana got on the Trump/Streep feud, that stole some of my thunder, but that’s okay, because I’m going a step further. The evening of that latest verbal debacle, during the Golden... Thu, 19 Jan 2017 11:24:06 -0600 High school basketball plus shot clock equals ? (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) I love basketball. I love seeing a group of five players working as a team to defeat another team working together. I love seeing the ball get passed to the open guy, playing the right way instead of jacking up a shot with a hand in your face. I love teams that box out when they rebound and try to start a fast break. I love it when that free throw swishes through the net. What I don’t like are missed free throws, poor risks on defense, oh, and the fact that high school has no shot... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 15:44:26 -0600 Socialism, here? (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) Socialism in America? What the heck, Bobby Joe? What’s our society coming to? Yeah, bring up the word “socialism”, say we’ve got in America, and some folks start to freak out a bit. Some can’t believe it, but it’s oh-so-common, right under our noses, yessiree. The reason for this column topic stems from another column I had written that prompted some comment from our family friend, Tim Humes. I had been throwing out some opinions that were... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:24:06 -0600 Streep v. Trump: Celebrity Death Match (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) It’s going to be a strange four years. The biggest story in the news this week appears to be the post-Golden Globes catfight that involves the most powerful person in the world. Oh, and Donald Trump too, I suppose. One of those glitzy deals where Hollywood types strut the red carpet and hand each other awards is a rather odd venue to lash out at the next president, isn’t it? And it’s even odder that this next president, who one would think would be busy... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:23:38 -0600 It's not easy being GOP (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) You would think these would be the days of wine and roses for the Republican Party. After all, they are to be in complete control of both the state and federal governments now, and they should feel giddy as a schoolgirl being tossed the keys to Dad’s Impala for the first time, right? The more I think about it, though, the more I imagine that the weight of the task ahead of them, in Des Moines and Washington, must weight heavy. With great power, they say, comes great... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:22:07 -0600 Work older, work smarter (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) Looking at the hulking phenom called the NFL this season, it looks like the New England Patriots, led by 64 year old head coach Bill Belichick, are headed once again back to the playoffs, as we get into the heat of the run towards the Super Bowl . Sure as shinola, the Pats are even in the mix of chatter for a Super Bowl run. Belichick is six years older than I am, so I’ve been looking at what secret sauce he’s been taking to still stroke the fire, and keep putting out... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:21:11 -0600 “A Beautiful Mind” (Through Shane's Eyes by Shane Schreck) We're all blessed with this amazing gift that has been, and continues to be, forged throughout our lives. I'm talking about our beautiful minds, and how we're not using them the way we should. We're all different, each and every one of us. At birth we all start fresh, memories, and how we react to anything and everything. What we seem to fail at, is acceptance for each other, and the fundamental respect we should have for our views. We all have obstacles in life that... Fri, 06 Jan 2017 14:57:23 -0600 What’s your Millenium Falcon? (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Don’t know about you, people, but I’m thankful for anonymity. It’s been a crappy dumpster-fire year to be a celebrity. The old saying is that deaths of famous people come in threes. This past year, they hit us in bunches, like a handful of rice hurled in your face by a jealous ex-boyfriend outside a wedding chapel. We lost The Greatest, golf’s King of Kings, a Prince, a sci fi Princess, a First Lady, and the El Comandante, with varying degrees of shock. We... Thu, 05 Jan 2017 11:46:25 -0600 Marital Bliss (The humor in life by Jeannie Claire) After having tied the knot at the end of 2016, I can now say beyond all shadow of a doubt, that it was everything I’d hoped and prayed that it would be since childhood. I also dreamed of being a super hero and overtaking Gotham City when I was a child, but I was being unrealistic with that particular fantasy. I think it’s important to write this column not to gloat (though I’ll be glad to), but to speak up for all of the couples that have also done things the right way.... Thu, 05 Jan 2017 11:44:27 -0600 "My son's life can be an inspiration to many and they may just not know it yet!" Final Part (Above the Din by Chris Eral) So, we have reached the 6th grade year, and this was the year my daughter was bi-sexual. Everything was going good, and her friends were very accepting. Paige had good grades and good relationships with kids in her school, and the faculty. Her 6th grade teacher was great and Paige really enjoyed her class. Paige was the "Top Dog" this year she claimed. I find that to be funny, because I remember my 6th grade year and it wasn't very nice. I was in a school that was Pre-K-12th grade... Tue, 03 Jan 2017 13:29:28 -0600 Minimum wage not the whole enchilada (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) There will be no escaping the minimum wage debate when the Iowa Legislature assembles in a few days, but the question is - will lawmakers raise it themselves, or just prevent anyone from raising it at all? I doubt if it will take very long for them to propose some action to squash cities and counties that are beginning to try to establish their own minimum pay rates. Can’t blame them, either. A hodgepodge of different local wage laws would be a confusing mess for workers and... Tue, 03 Jan 2017 10:55:09 -0600 Taking a look at the NFL Playoffs teams (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) Playoffs? We’re just trying to win a game in week 17 and you want to talk about playoffs? That’s right, folks, the NFL Playoffs are quickly approaching. We have one week of the regular season left with not much doubt of who is in and who is out. The entire AFC field has been set with not a lot of wiggle room in terms of seeding. The Patriots and Raiders are looking to be the first and second seeded teams, but the Chiefs have a shot at gaining that two seed this... Thu, 29 Dec 2016 12:25:59 -0600 Paying people to vote? (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) I‘ve been reading lately of proposals to increase the U.S. voter turnout, which is, admittedly, pathetic. Suggestions run the gamut from making voting mandatory to paying people to vote. In one interesting experiment, a media company in Philadelphia funded a $10,000 prize to a random person chosen from those who voted in a city election in 2015 - in effect turning an election into a lottery. It’s true, cash works. Studies have proven it time and time again. Kids who are... Thu, 29 Dec 2016 11:29:31 -0600 Assumptions and resolutions (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) I thought I was done with my columns for the year, but apparently, I guess I’m not. You get ideas, usually at weird times of the night, then they need to get out of your head, and onto the electronic device. I told myself, nope, no year end resolution columns, nope, don’t do it, man, don’t. They’re well-meaning (and as my Lebanese aunt used to tell us kids about the road to hell being paved with good intentions, well, sorry, Saint Peter, we tried), and usually... Thu, 29 Dec 2016 11:28:56 -0600 Spend on students, not donors (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Storm Lake school officials asked for opinions on a planned new wall honoring donors, and at the risk of offending absolutely everyone as usual, I’ll give one. Skip it. I realize there are some people who only will give to a project because they want the recognition, preferably carved in granite and gold with diamond sparkled for all time. I get it, it’s nice to be recognized for the good deeds you have done. Others go the other direction. Every fund drive I’ve been... Tue, 27 Dec 2016 11:36:37 -0600 The Man Bun (The humor in life by Jeannie Claire) I’ve noticed that during the holiday and party season, that men’s hairstyles are a lot longer. This includes high fades, low fades, bald fades, with or without hard part disconnection, or simply cut with sheers for a more natural short-hair look. The pompadour was a popular men’s hairstyle in 2016. The latest trend that I’ve been seeing are modern versions of the pomp that are longer, looser, and blown dry to give some big hair styles with movement. The... Tue, 27 Dec 2016 11:35:44 -0600 Bringing the ‘outside’ in (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) It’s always a bit of an uncomfortable experience as the various local agencies come to the city and county to ask for funding each year. Standing with your hat in your hand is a squirm-worthy moment. And it can’t be much easier to have to decide what to fund and what not to. The requests are always for absolutely good, worthy causes, and while it’s not my place to speak for elected officials, I’d like to bet they would by happy to respond fully to all if there... Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:26:49 -0600 Does it matter if they skip bowl games? (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) College bowl season has arrived and I, for one, couldn’t be happier to see the cream of the crop in the… Raycom Media Camellia Bowl and the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. I mean the chance to see a couple of 6-6 teams in the AutoNation Cure Bowl really gets me hyped up to see mediocre teams rewarded with a chance to play in a bowl game that only their school fan base cares about. I mean, this is what bowl games have been reduced to now that we have the college... Wed, 21 Dec 2016 15:35:00 -0600 Top five sports movies (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) It’s cold outside. There isn’t any other way around it. Snow is beginning to fall and coat the ground, causing some drivers to panic making them forget how to properly drive. What better time would it be to sit on the couch, grab a throw pillow, blanket and stay warm with some sports movies. There are so many fantastic sports films out there, and quite a few stinkers from unneeded remakes, looking at you Adam Sandler. So here are my top five sports movies to stay warm with this... Mon, 19 Dec 2016 14:26:15 -0600 Dancing with the cabinet (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Oh gosh, it’s wonderful how a little taste of power can turn things all around. Take Rick Perry, who would lead the Trump-era Department of Energy, for example. Let me quote for you here - Rick Perry speaking at a Washington Press Club event, mid-2015, describing then-candidate Donald Trump: “A man too arrogant, too self-absorbed to seek God’s forgiveness is precisely the type of leader John Adams prayed would never occupy the White House,” Perry said. If... Thu, 15 Dec 2016 13:02:57 -0600 Remembering Lennon (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) Another year is almost in the books, and we always complete the circle by looking back on who we have lost, especially in the music world. Prince, Bowie, Glenn Fry, Greg Lake, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones.... so many titans, that left us with a lasting impression of their body of work. One date slipped by me this month, and that’s the anniversary of John Lennon’s death (many thanks to Blue Band leader/Iowa Public Radio personality Bob Dorr for the Facebook reminder). For... Thu, 15 Dec 2016 13:02:12 -0600 The Sportspersons of the... ear? (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) One writer recently painted 2016 as “a train wreck contained inside the world’s biggest dumpster fire.” Indeed, it has been a vile year of venom, tragedy and struggle. Thank goodness, sports has provided us brief escapes from harsh reality. And what a year it has been. From Payton Manning leading an unlikely team to a Super Bowl championship in his swan song, to the unthinkable World Series victory by the Chicago Cubs, to the Cleveland Cavs’ recording the biggest... Tue, 13 Dec 2016 12:40:15 -0600 Bye bye Branstad, hello change (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) What a difference a day makes. One night we went to bed comfortable with the concept that Terry Branstad has been governor of Iowa for what seems like several hundred years, and that presumably he’d be in charge for a couple hundred more, even if it required some form of cryogenic freezing. We wake up the next with our guy packing his bags for Beijing, Kim Reynolds being handed the keys to the kingdom, and our area’s congressman who has just been re-elected to his eighth term... Thu, 08 Dec 2016 12:47:14 -0600 A time to laugh (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) What to do, what to do... you know, so many topics to write about for the column these days, most of them look to be so darn serious, though. Being the holiday season, some folks are trying to keep meaning amidst the on-going crush of parties, gift buying, and upping your game to keep up with the bustle of the season. So much so, that it becomes darn mind-numbing, you know? So, with that in mind, I think we need to have a little perspective on the subject of humor, maybe look at some... Thu, 08 Dec 2016 12:42:16 -0600 ICCC isn’t asking for much (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) We hope voters will take the time today to cast a ballot in favor of the Iowa Central Community College bond issue. It’s never a comfortable experience to tax yourself, but the fact is that the state simply doesn’t do an adequate job of supporting its community college system, and raising tuition any higher would begin to put schools like ICCC at a disadvantage compared to those in surrounding states. Iowa Central doesn’t ask for a lot from its communities, and it is... Tue, 06 Dec 2016 11:10:28 -0600 Hunger in the land of plenty (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Something’s off here, really off. Yesterday, at the old Bomgaars building, people waited in line for up to two hours in the cold wind and the first light snow of the season, for volunteers to hand out food trucked in from Des Moines. Nearly 50 were in line at my count, before the doors even opened. There were elderly people leaning on walkers. Families with small children. A mother with a baby in a plastic carrier, shielded with a fleece blanket. These aren’t people... Thu, 01 Dec 2016 12:30:45 -0600 Castro in retrospec (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) The army fatigues, the scraggy beard, the cigar... mention just those features to any baby boomer, and they will probably tell you that’s Fidel Castro. The Cuban revolutionary/dictator passed away on November 25th, and it’s safe to say that Castro was one of the more polarizing figures of the last century. After seizing power in 1959, New Year’s Eve 1958, to be exact, Castro turned Cuba into a political one -party socialist state, industry and businesses becoming... Thu, 01 Dec 2016 12:29:54 -0600 Don’t shed blood for oil (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) There are certain things that should make us sit up and take notice, no matter what the circumstances. One of them would be our government telling citizens they cannot protest. If you accept that without questioning, pull your nicest wool sweater over your head, because you are a sheep. Many of us are distant observers of the standoff at Standing Rock. We’re not emotionally invested, we understand both the need for affordable domestic fuel and the need to protect the... Tue, 29 Nov 2016 11:07:33 -0600 The joy of cooking (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) Ah yes, we are knee deep in the holiday season, and it seems like it’s not possible Christmas is around the corner. Of course, I think I’ll run out of time, as usual – our family tradition is putting up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, as per many folks. One thing that dovetails into the season besides the running-with-the-bulls mentality of Black Friday is cooking holiday meals. Really, it can be cooking in general. I am proud to say my chef skills... Tue, 29 Nov 2016 11:06:55 -0600 Barack, we hardly knew ya (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Barack Obama, who are you? No, really. Maybe it’s just me, but after eight years with this man as our duly-elected leader, I’m not sure we really know him. Don’t know if we have ever seen inside the man. Oh, we’ve heard countless speeches, and seen thousands of carefully-orchestrated photo ops, but how much do we really know about the person? It didn’t take us long to solve that tough-talking Texan, or the charming rogue from Arkansas. For all of the... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 14:20:47 -0600 Thanksgiving needs a PR campaign (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Thanksgiving just can’t win. First political correctness decided that the religious aspect had to go. Apparently you’re supposed to take care who you go around thanking these days. Then the health freaks scared us out of those massive devil-may-care dinners that in that latter stages required the untying of the sweat pants. A dollop of turkey tofu atop a cranberry-artificially-flavored rice cake surrounded by three organically-grown spinach leaves and a vitamin water on the... Tue, 22 Nov 2016 11:25:28 -0600 Immigration reform (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) This must be the day to write a column on immigration reform, because the signs and signifiers are coming in like biblical locusts, brothers and sisters. One of my neighbors, who is the same political party affiliation as myself, was concerned about a semi-ambiguous church sermon recently, that warned of Nazi-like repercussions, isolationism, and jingoistic backlash given our recent election. Our local chief of police hopes to calm fears, and asks non-registered immigrants to come out... Tue, 22 Nov 2016 11:24:20 -0600 Post-election America (Bit of Everything by By Sarah Nicholson) It’s been a little over week since the election and it feels a little like America has taken a combination hit to the face. The morning after the election was like a campus wide hangover at Buena Vista University. There was no sound, just the milling noise of shoes and jeans shuffling along on a hopeless precession to classes. If it sounds overly dramatic, it was, but the atmosphere extended far beyond the college campus. Twitter read like someone’s obituary and among everyday... Thu, 17 Nov 2016 12:53:39 -0600 Trails to practicality? (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) The mayor’s committee on Parks, Trails and Urban Forestry came together last night for the first time in a couple of months, and of course, bike trails were a major element of the spirited discussion. A map of Storm Lake pasted to the wall in City Hall quickly became a mass of Magic Marker lines - places the county wants to mark as trails on existing roads, places the city wants to develop someday on and off streets, places the committee feels would make good trails. By the time... Thu, 17 Nov 2016 12:28:31 -0600 Trump promises, Obama promises (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Donald Trump’s situation reminds me of the proverbial dog chasing cars. What do you do with it once you catch it? There is a world of difference between campaigning to be president, and being president. Imagine the learning curve for someone who has no experience at all in government. And there’s a world of difference between making a promise and being able to deliver on it. Some of his conservative backers are already upset that President-elect Trump is already backing off... Tue, 15 Nov 2016 11:09:12 -0600 Basketball memories (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) Basketball. The first sport I can remember watching as a child. I might’ve told this story way back in June when I did my first column, but one of my first memories of watching basketball happened when I was six or seven years old. I was at my grandmother’s house for the night having a root beer float while the NBA on TNT or TBS, I can’t remember which, was on. My beloved Orlando Magic were on with Shaw, Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson. They were playing the Charlotte... Mon, 14 Nov 2016 13:43:58 -0600 After the storm, a yuge task (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Why did Donald Trump win the election? He’s not the most qualified, in fact with zero experience in government, he might be the least, ever. He didn’t have the most robust organization among candidates. In fact, a Trump senior advisor told the media Tuesday that he figured it would take “a miracle” for his candidate to win. He didn’t have the best plan. He tends to speak in emotional, vague terms, plays a bit fast and loose with the facts, and has... Thu, 10 Nov 2016 12:55:24 -0600 What you can do (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) You know, I don’t know about all of you, but I had a pretty good summer. Even though our son was gone for most of the summer on his own career journey, and we miss him a lot, I’ve found out that I made some gains, broke new ground, and learned a ton of stuff. And for a senior, as I am now classified, that’s pretty good. Really, whatever “senior” means, hey, let’s just throw that word out of general usage right now – I don’t like it, so... Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:44:14 -0600 Having a swim, and a break (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Blue blazes, it’s nice when your government officials get it. When, as state and national politics seem all too often motivated by greed, at the local level something can be done because it’s the right thing to do. Last night, King’s Pointe GM Nick Edwards (welcome back Nick) approached the Storm Lake City Council about an Outdoor Waterpark Season Pass Special. Last year, the city tried a Black Friday one-day sale on waterpark passes. Problem. Not everyone is in town... Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:43:45 -0600 Pepperoni with a side of ignorance (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) On today’s front page, we have a story from a local student who was confronted at a Campustown pizzeria in Ames the other day by a group of guys chanting “Build the Wall!” The only wall I see is the one around those people’s closed minds. As ugly and hateful as politics has become this season, it is no excuse to abuse others. And it is never okay to target people based on the color of their skin or the language they may be speaking. The sheep standing in line... Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:42:12 -0600 For being out there tonight (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) Bless the police officers out there tonight, doing their jobs to protect and defend the people of their communities after watching the terrible news of the officer slayings in central Iowa slowly come to light throughout this long day. Bless them for not turning in their badges and walking away over the unfathomable, blind hatred that claimed the lives of two of their brothers while they sat in their patrol cars, doing their jobs. Bless them for swallowing their sadness and shock today... Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:29:32 -0500 Harvest season (Outside Looking In by By Mick Polich) Some folks don’t know this, but I do have a little background when it comes to harvest season. I think I mentioned before I grew up in a farm oriented family, so when my favorite time of year rolls around, a flood of fond memories make their way from the backpages of my mind. I had three uncles, plus my dad, who were either full, or part time farmers. Uncle John and his family had their farm outside of Madrid, Iowa, while Uncle Eddie and Joe farmed north of Des Moines, and... Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:28:07 -0500 Looking back at the football season (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) The season has come to an end for our area football teams. There might be a hint of disappointment on the player’s mind after the final horn sounded on Friday night. A sense of disbelief, a lowering of the head, and wondering where it might’ve gone wrong. Yet, no one in the area; players, coaches, parents or fans, should feel any disappointment over their team’s seasons. Rather they should have a sense of joy come over them. Why? The players gave it everything they... Tue, 01 Nov 2016 13:07:26 -0500 The most dangerous season (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) It’s that time of season. Witches and trolls walking among us, stirring heart-chilling fright, dread and trembling among us mere morals. That’s right. Election season. Everybody wonders what will happen on election day. I’m wondering what will happen after it. All of the anger, disillusionment and distrust of the campaign isn’t going to go away. America isn’t going to hug this one out. For the first time in my experience, a significant number of... Tue, 01 Nov 2016 10:45:52 -0500 Two paths diverged in a wood... (Through the Looking Glass by Dana Larsen) I was going to title this “A Tale of Two Cities,” but it turns out that was already taken by some hack named Chuck Dickens or something like that. For a moment I was going with “More Than One Way to Skin a Cat,” but I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, we’re not advocating skinning of anything here. Settle down there, PETA. The idea is that development can take a couple of different paths. You may remember some years ago that Storm Lake... Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:22:04 -0500 "My daughter's life can be an inspiration to many and they may just not know it yet" Part III (Above the Din by Chris Eral) The Nectar of the HummingBird Then summer came.... This was the summer that the majority of my daughter's life started to change. My daughter loved to swim. We use to call her our little fish. She was diagnosed with migraines at the beginning of first grade. The pill they put her on made her gain 20 pounds with in 2 weeks. You could probably imagine the toll this took a little body. She developed stretch marks everywhere because of this. She became very timid and insecure about her body.... Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:15:49 -0500 Storm Lake football, a family thing (View from the nose bleeds by Craig Shultz) The feeling at the Storm Lake football game was unlike anything I’ve ever felt at a football game before. Yes, my sample size is a little limited in that regard, but sometimes you can just feel an energy when you walk into a stadium. You can just sense that something big is going to happen one way or another. After the final horn sounded, a celebration was on, one of the many celebrations for sports fans over the weekend. For the first time in school history the Storm Lake... Tue, 25 Oct 2016 11:41:44 -0500