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Get the shot!

Posted Monday, January 14, 2013, at 2:49 PM

Oh my, I have three words for you..."Get the Shot"!

I realize that there have been many reports of those that did get the flu shot that have gotten the flu and it was simply put a horrible experience, but if you fail to get the shot like I did, it could be more of a horrible experience.

One more reason that I was so glad to escape from 2012...Influenza A. I fear that it began a few days prior to Christmas as I was worn down and just not my usual peppy being. There was just an ache that I could not explain. Lo and behold by the end of the day following Christmas my body ached, my throat was on fire, I couldn't stop sneezing and my voice was no more. The house was a disaster, the dog needed to go out periodically, the cat thought that he needed to be fed and I had to force myself to continue to stay hydrated. It took every ounce of energy that I could muster to get up and take care of the deeds before me, I bundled them all in to one trip every couple of hours as it was not pleasant getting up. I couldn't kick this stuff for anything, it lingered on and on and on.

I was not alone in my misery as Craig was just as miserable. How we got through those days is beyond me. By day 4 I just knew that there had to be another reason besides the flu that I was down and out. I have always been one that had escaped the clenches of the flu bug, for years I bragged about the fact that I didn't get the shot and I had been fine. Following some coaxing from the kids and Craig, I made the trek to BVRMC. Turns out, I was just another statistic, and one that they rushed in and out as soon as the swab results determined that I did indeed have Influenza A. They didn't even give me a sucker or a sticker for my visit, instead they gave me a mask to put on so that I didn't infect anyone else.

You see there is absolutely nothing that can be done. I had to wait it out and unfortunately I was informed that it would take 7-10 days to get over the worst of it. I was sure that these people were crazy and that this stuff can not keep me down for 7-10 days! Well, guess I was wrong, and if you were to ask me that doesn't happen very often. About the 7th day both Craig and I started a comeback. We were ecstatic that we could sit up and even slowly, very slowly take Christmas decorations down New Years Day! What a joyous occasion that was.

To this day you may hear a bit of a hacking cough from both of us, but we have our pep in our steps back and we have found some positives within the negatives of such an exhausting illness. We both have cut down on our caffeine, snacking and find that we drink more water. At this point I am not willing to risk not seeing my family again for a long period due to my stubbornness regarding the safeguard against that nastiness. I understand that getting the shot may not 100% keep me from contracting the bug, but it may not last as long.

Three words "Get the Shot"!

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