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The Change

Posted Monday, October 1, 2012, at 3:17 PM

So the time has finally arrived and I am amazed at how well I am taking all of this life altering Menopausal stuff that goes on in a woman's body when they hit a certain age. Perhaps I may be speaking too soon regarding the onset of what some ladies describe as horrible signs that we are entering our golden years. At this point other then really feeling a bit more aged then I had been prior to these changes; not bad - I can do this.

I have recently entered in to the "hot flash" era that all of my friends have warned me of. It scared me at first thinking of turning red with the onset like my friends Laurie and Shelley do, breaking out in an all out sweat that is quite visible in public as my friend Elaine warned me of and constantly fanning myself as Jolene does. I was quite fearful - I really didn't want to be construed as old and sweaty. In all reality, my moments where my body heats up aren't that noticeable to others and I kind of like that I'm not cold all of the time.

However those "night sweats" - those are a bit more irritating. Waking up numerous times by drowning in puddles of sweat one moment and then experiencing chills the next. Honestly at first I thought that it was the result of my sweats that I was wearing to bed, changed my night time attire and still the nightly ritual of waking up hotter than blazes and kicking every ounce of covers off and then freezing a bit later still happens. Elaine warned me of this effect of aging too and thinking that she was crazy... well if she is, I am right there with her!

Another symptom that is a bit troublesome is the weight gain in the midriff and thigh area. I swore that I would never have this issue with a bulging belly and even recently following three months of Weight Watchers and a month of Body by Vi, I had gained poundage. My waist has disappeared and those lovely "love handles" are there. I had taken up walking to see if simple exercise would help, well it may have but then the old foot issues that creep into the aged bodies had appeared, even a bunion!

I pray that when I sneeze or cough certain bodily issues don't arise... ladies, you know what I am talking about! Itchy crawly skin. Mood swings, sudden tears along with difficulty concentrating and mental confusion; yes I am not crazy! The hair loss and thinning hair has been a life-long struggle but when I saw that increased facial hair, I was relieved that it is now explainable...don't stare!

The moral of my story; we are all going to get older and we need to embrace all of the changes that come with it. Some may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but, hey, with the difficulty concentrating perhaps we may not realize that there is a ball of hair sitting on the floor midst the pool of sweat because we are too busy bawling because we are so busy scratching the itchy, crawly skin.

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