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Take 'spin' out of campaigns

Posted Monday, September 10, 2012, at 11:53 AM

To be honest I am less then excited for this whole political circus that has been shoved in to our faces; be it through television, radio, phone calls and yes even newsprint! Not that I am blaming the media sources, the politicians must have quite the financial backing to be able to spend what they have and what they are about to spend.

I get the whole Democratic process, but must it go on and on and on? Have we even experienced a reprieve from the last presidential election? Why must we be bombarded by accusations and messages of how wonderful one is over the other. Do we really want to hear you compare your tactics to a 7-layer salad? I like salads, especially fruit salads. I try very hard not to compare my career or those that I meet to my like of fruits. Or the fact that at 2:30 A.M. one flies off to their job for the week and comes back home. It's called commuting and I know quite a few people that do that on a regular basis.

I don't want to hear about your struggles and how you met your wife. Don't get me wrong, being family oriented is a wonderful thing, but giving me personal insight into your private life is not going to answer my questions on how you as a politician are going to solve the issues plagued by these United States of America! I want to hear the truth...either we are better off then we were four years ago or we aren't. Either unemployment is higher or it's not. Either the deficit is at its highest or it's not. Either we continue on the path of eliminating Social Security or we fix it. Either we will be more self sufficient when it comes to oil or we won't. Either Obama Care is implemented or it's not.

I guess one of the biggest questions that I have is this: who is considered Middle Class and if all the attention is on the Middle Class where do the citizens that do not qualify for Middle Class fare? Those that work hard, but their wages are less then what is needed to qualify to be "Middle Class." Those who labor and struggles, but do not qualify for assistance be it food stamps, rent assistance, health care assistance or that do not qualify for a home loan due to their income. Who will focus on those that are less fortunate?

It gets tougher to toss my vote one way or the other because it becomes more confusing with each day that passes. I can not declare one party or the other as my political choice, because I find it harder and harder to agree with any agenda because no one gives straight answers on anything. It must be easier to throw in a few jabs at the other candidates or proclaim to be a martyr then to give us honest statistics and to share with the country what it is specifically that will be done to keep the U.S. functioning and moving forward.

My hope is that whoever wins will remember those that had not only voted for them but those that had not. To give everyone a fair chance to live the American Dream, is that too much to ask?

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