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A tragedy brings a family together, for the love of Michael

Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2012, at 3:07 PM

They say that everything happens for a reason; sometimes we wonder what possibly could be the reasoning behind tragedy.

It's been a little over a week since a terrible freakish accident occurred where a young man tripped, rolled on the ground and broke his neck, leaving him paralyzed and thinking that he was being punished for things that he had done. Trying to reassure that what had happened was not a punishment but a way to show him that a new path needs to be followed. That God does not punish, he gives direction.

It's not how the accident happened or what happened prior to...i t seems that conversations have arose regarding the lifestyle and antics that this young man may or may not have been involved in. Seriously who among us has not been a typical young adult and have done things that we felt lucky to survive? Is it more important to discus what he was doing up to that point and not focus on the injury and the lifestyle change that has overwhelmed not only he but his entire family? Is it that much more important to gossip and toss stones rather than to focus on the underlying fact that he may never walk again? Instead of opening your mouth to talk about events that you may know nothing about, open your heart and talk to God and pray for healing not only for Michael but for all those that suffer.

The hard fact of this whole ordeal is that our family will never be the same, we have to make several changes in our lives to accommodate the results of a broken neck. The physical ramifications of a broken neck are harsh, but not as disturbing as the initial diagnosis. Following the 4 hour surgery we were told that Michael would be paralyzed form the neck down. Imagine your reaction following the surgeon telling you that things went well, the surgery was a success, and that they hope to get slight movement during his recovery. The question was asked, "what do you mean slight?" It seems that the surgery went well but my husband's son would not be able to use his arms, let alone his legs. I have only witnessed that heart wrenching reaction one other time and that result left the family wondering why their son and brother was dead.

While talking with Craig about Michael's outcome, he told me that he just wanted his son back, "you still have Michael, just in a different package." I told him. I'm not sure where my strength throughout this past week came from. I guess that I have always been the rock in my family, I had no idea that it would trickle into what I now deem a larger family. Throughout this trying time I have learned so much about the love for this young man whether it be from his father, his mother and step-father, sister, step-sisters and step -brother, nieces and nephews, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and the many people that are fortunate to have Mike as their friend. The outpouring of support is amazing and overwhelming at times. When you read messages from those that may not know much about this young man, but still they share their compassion brings tears to ones eyes. God has truly blessed us with the power of prayer and the love felt from around the country.

What I haven't mentioned however is the determination that Michael Craig Schroeder has shown. He was not about to let those surgeons determine his plan, he has the use of his arms and wrists, the fingers aren't quite working as he would like, but I am telling you right now that if his will is to use his hands, he will. You see throughout this past week Michael kept his spirits up and of course the humor going, but also his maturity is evident. He says that he can live with the fact that he may never walk again, but he wants to have his fingers work so that he can scratch his own head, stratch his own nose and go out and get a job. That is the true sign of a determined young man. Michael has been moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to the Madonna Rehabilitation Center where they work with those with spinal and brain injuries. There are many success stories that come from Madonna, we look forward to Mike's being one of them.

The lessons learned here are many, but none so important as the love of God and for our family and friends, for without either where would we be? God has a plan for each and every one of us, no need to spend precious time contemplating and wondering what those plans are, spend the precious time that God has allowed us on sharing our love and compassion. Things happen for a reason whether we agree with it or not, accept and go on with what you have been given. There is only one judge and that is the Man upstairs, we are placed on this earth to follow His lead and not to persecute what we do not understand.

I would like to thank all for the prayers and concern for Michael none are any less important than the other.

There is an account set up at Untied Bank in Storm Lake under Jillian Schroeder-Beebe, (Michael's sister) and there will be a benefit for Mike on June 16 at West Links in Alta to aid in costs that are not covered by insurance. There are t-shirts for sale prior to the benefit to show support for Michael, if interested in the t-shirts contact Katie Berkland at 712-749-9857 email katiekruse28@hotmail.com or Jorran Beebe at 515-520-0412 email jorranb@hotmail.com or for donations for the benefit contact either myself at 712-229-9690 or trudy@bvglasspros.com or Jill Beebe at 515-509-4202 or email her at jillianbeeb@hotmail.com

*Trudy Schroeder is a Pilot-Tribune alum who contributes a weekly column. Reach teh columnist at letters@stormlakepilottribune.com

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