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Kids say the darndest things

Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at 10:31 AM

I love spending time with all of my grand-kids. It seems that with everyone's busy schedules, it is so hard finding time to fit in any bonding time. So why not choose lunch time? Every one has to eat right?

I was fortunate enough to be asked to eat lunch with a certain kindergartner recently. Talk about bringing back some memories; not mine... I really don't have many memories of my days as a kindergartner in Garfield Elementary. The memories stem from hanging with my kindergartners mother in the very same location a few years back.

It is so heartwarming knowing that I was not the only one extremely excited for lunch that day. It seems that Abby was just as excited if not more. That huge smile and hug that greeted me was just what a grandmother cherishes. I had to giggle a bit though, our little Diva was dressed complete with a scarf tied perfectly around her neck, she would have worn high heels and make-up if it were allowed.

Since this was Abby's special friends week, she was able to ask two classmates to join us for lunch. I was introduced to them, and was told that they were indeed twins. Towards the front of the line came this meek little voice that was barely audible, but as her sentence grew longer the excitement with some important knowledge could be heard, "Did you know that they are both six and that they have the same birthdays?" Now tell me how you would have reacted to that statement? Myself I responded with a "really? Isn't that something." All the while I was giggling inside, not because of her statement, but because of how important it was for her to tell me.

I stood in line towering over these tiny students, yet I felt as though I knew nothing compared to the knowledge that their brains must contain. They instructed me on how to grab my tray, whether or not to take a bun, where the condiments were and "don't forget your milk, you have to take milk!" Well, I really am not much of a milk drinker so I skated past that display quite quickly, I was hoping that noone noticed.

While munching on a pork patty...with a bun, I was treated to conversations on bikes, birthdays, recess and the fact that the twins grandmother is in her 50's and she is "OLD!" Well I had no comment for that, just sunk back in my chair and wondered just what they thought of me then? Further in to our lunch one of the twins had asked my name, I told her and she had this confused look on her face and then asked, "how old are you?" I told her, I wasn't about to lie about my age, although I had thought about it since the "old" word came up in a previous conversation.

Well after I admitted to this 6 year old my age all questions and conversations were addressed to"52". Yes she started calling me 52. I guess she didn't think that my name fit my personality or something. Wouldn't have been that bad, but come on did she have to continually say it over and over to the point where I was indeed feeling "old"! Lunch ended, I was shown where to put my tray and where to pour the milk that I had not taken, I thanked them for their assistance knowing that they had not noticed that I had not followed the rules as far as taking the milk in the first place...whew!

We then parted ways, said my goodbyes, just as they had said theirs and yes "good-bye 52" was part of their farewell. All in all though it was a fun lunch date, and I would love to do it again, next time though, no bun and no admitting my age!

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