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Becoming Dr. Doolittle

Posted Monday, October 17, 2011, at 3:40 PM

I don't remember as I set my life plan into action, that anywhere in there I had included having numerous animals in my home...other than children that is.

All of the sudden my home is full of canine and feline beings. I don't remember ever really having much cared for either up until a few years ago. Oh I would tolerate them as long as there were maybe one of each, but as it is now there are multiples in my home. We keep adding even after losing a few and swearing that we would never get another!

We have two dogs, a black lab and a lab-hound mix, both big babies that require a lot of attention, not just emotional but medical too. If one doesn't hurt herself the other one does. We had thought that kids were expensive to raise, believe you me...pets can be just as spendy. But we do what we have to because they are family. May I add that one of them recently came in contact with a skunk, and it wasn't just a passing spray, Sadie got a mouthful.

She came running into the house with a mouthful of foam and rubbing her face into the carpet and heading back and forth to drink from the potty. At first we had no idea, but a few seconds later that oh so familiar stench had once again invaded our home. I washed her face, flushed her eye and it seemed as though she was fine. I however have a tough time tolerating that skunk smell, so I had left the Scentsy pots plugged in overnight and even went as far as dousing my arms, hands and blankets with my favorite perfume just to get to sleep, because that smell was burning my nose! Well, my favorite perfume is no longer my fav... mixing pretty smells with rather ugly smells turns out to produce a rather stomach turning concoction. My former favorite perfume is headed for a new home called the trash.

Sleepless night two followed on the heels of that experience. Two week old abandoned kittens arrived unexpectedly, and found a new home on our front porch until they are well enough to find refuge in our barn. Yep, we did it again, added to our array of canines and felines. The tiny noises from the two helpless little critters makes my heart melt... darn that compassionate side of me!

We have two dogs, that love to meet and greet skunks, require medical attention for wounds and lots of lots of treats along with hugs and kisses. We have three cats, one adult that totally despises the two little ones that we spend time bottle feeding and giving baths, not to mention lots more hugs and kisses. Oh don't worry, Will the older cat gets his fair share of attention from not only the humans in the house but the canines.

What I don't get is what changed? Why oh why is our home tuning into a true animal house and why oh why do I find myself for the most part enjoying it? I think I will have to edit my life plan to include loving and caring for four legged furry friends, skunks not included though.

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